Parenting: My Baby’s ‘Workout’ at Little Penyu

As I was busy doing my Ph.D research the other days, I posted some of my baby’s pics on the Instagram. It was my friend, Ridah Malanjang, who posted a comment on my baby’s photo, encouraging me to bring my baby to Little Penyu. I’ve never paid attention to give my baby a swim before this (even though Julian Lee invited me to like the page, I went ‘Like’ the page then continue doing my research). If it wasn’t Ridah who posted her comment on my Instagram, manalah sia tau ini tempat wujud sudah di KK. Thank you very much, Ridah! It’s very fortunate because the baby spa is also located next to my office. 

Little Penyu is located at 1st Floor, opposite Lucy’s Kitchen at Metro Town, Kolombong.
Shoes are not allowed. You need to put your shoes on the rack which they provide outside. Comfy slippers are provided.
Nice place to have your infant massage class. This is also where you change your baby clothes.

Little Penyu is specifically designed for babies from 0 – 24 months to swim. Unlike other swimming pools, the water at Little Penyu is 0% chlorine which is very ‘kind’ and gentle to your baby’s skin. You can put your worry at ease as Mr. Yellow Ducky (the water thermometer) will be there to ensure the water is maintained at 35 degrees Celsius. Your baby will also need to wear a special-and-water-proof diaper (no more pee pee in the water), and of course, a ‘warming-up’ massage for your baby. I always give my baby a ‘post-bath’ massage, and it’s not novel for her, and she would make a few gestures whenever she wanted to have a body massage. At Little Penyu, you need to massage your baby (Mum-Baby bonding time!) before he/she can swim in the pool. The staff would only teach you how to massage the baby. I must say that the staff are also very friendly, and helpful. Plus, the safety is a priority.

Friendly and helpful staff at Little Penyu.
…Macam Penyu, eh…

Why I decide to bring my baby to Little Penyu? It’s simply because most studies conducted shown that baby swimming offers a great deal of benefits! Apart from that, Little Penyu is the only baby swim spa in East Malaysia! Me and Mr. Hubby believe that children need to be taught about the importances of fitness, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Kids learn from their parents, thus, we’ve decided to teach both our children how to keep fit and healthy from early age. Furthermore, a study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science & Technology found that babies who swim have better balance and can grasp objects more easily. Swimming is good for the baby’s health as it’s strengthening the baby’s heart, and lungs. In fact, swimming usually burns up to 300 calories. I’m not trying to make my baby slimmer (just like me). Getting your baby splashing the water encourage muscles building. A Finnish research showed that swimming babies walked earlier because they have excellent muscle control.

“Dad, I’m floating… Floating… Flooooooaaaating!”
“Mum, I know you also want to swim.”
“Grandpa, there’s no buaya down here lah!”

I also sent out a few photos to my parents, and my Dad replied my SMS with a joke, “Tiada buaya kah dalam itu sungai?” (Is there any crocodile in the river?). Nice one, Dad. Last but not least, I’ve learnt a new way to make my baby fall asleep faster… and longer than usual! In fact, she’s still sleeping soundly now (even after I gave her bottled milk just now). I will bring my baby again next week because she got herself a free swimming session! Even Mr. Hubby was so excited that he wanted our baby to enrol for swimming lessons. *LOL*

Tired after a 20 minutes workout in the pool. (Notice that crotchet hat? I made it and it’s her favourite hat.)

Thank you so much for the outstanding service, Little Penyu. Our 2-month baby can now sleep after her fun ‘workout’ with water. To other Mums and Dads, be sure to bring your baby to Little Penyu. Let your baby (0 – 24 months) enjoy splashing the water, and it’s good for them, too!

Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa (In front of Lucy’s Kitchen)

Lot J-1-5, 1st Floor, Block J,
Lorong Metro Town,
Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

For inquiries or reservations: 088-383639 (10am – 5pm) (You can also send a private message on their Facebook page)

H Sigmundsson & B. Hopkins, ‘Baby swimming: exploring the effects of early intervention on subsequent motor abilities’ in Child: Care, Health and Development Volume 36, Issue 3, pages 428–430, May 2010.

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