Online: Why You Should Join Drypers Baby Club

It can be quite hard for mom and  mom-to-be to find the most relevant club that can offer benefits such as welcome gift, customized relevant topics on child’s development stage, as well as other exciting benefits. I’ve been a member of Drypers Baby Club since I was pregnant with my 1st child, and it’s one of the best club for mommies out there to keep in touch with other mommies as well as collecting points every time you bought home a Drypers.

Once you have registered with Drypers Baby Club, they will send out a welcome gift and you will always get yourself a free sample. As I browsing through for some information on pregnancy, the information centres have everything that you need including childcare to early childhood development. Unlike other brands that you can find over the shelf, Drypers always has their redeemable code inside the diapers pack which you can collect and then redeem fun, education toys from their Point Shop. Check out for my previous post about Drypers Baby Club here.

My Welcome Gift.

In short, Drypers is the best choice for my kids as it provides quality products at affordable prices. Plus, you will never have to wake up in the middle of the night just to change your baby’s diapers anymore. I’ve underlined some of the benefits joining this great Baby Drypers Club. Registration is FREE.

  • Drypers Point Shop – Collect points to redeem lovely gifts that are hand-picked based on the principle of development through play.
  • Free Drypers samples – See what dryness and comfort can do for your baby. Try them on your little ones. Members can always get free samples.
  • 2x Money-Back Guarantee Programme – You will be on top of their priority for any dissatisfaction.

Let’s join the most relevant club for mom and mom-to-be today. Click Here To Register.

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