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There are tons of online stores that are selling Korean beauty products, and we often end up calculating the total amount. Our fear of being scammed is one of the reasons why we are very careful when doing our online shopping. I recently stumbled upon a new online store which sells Korean beauty products, and my first click was to go through ‘About‘ section – My favourite place to go, anyway. LOL!

The store is owned by a pretty young lass, Kristi L, who went to further her studies in Seoul, Korea. She learns about Korean beauty tips while she was there, and brings back what she has learnt with the establishment of Major B.


Major B has a very minimalist design, and each products are categorized according to their functionality. For instance, under mask category, there are a few sub-categories – lips, eyes, hair, hand and foot. Unlike other online stores that I saw before, this online store is easy to navigate, and straight-forward. I can find the products that I want in no time! I also love the promotional banner that is quite bright and catchy, and I wonder if the model on the one of the promotional banner was actually Kristi or not.


Moreover, I love when certain products are marked with ‘SALE’. We all love to shop when there’s huge discount – More saving. The prices are also tagged reasonably because I’ve seen other online stores that are selling same product but at a very high price.


Major B charges a flat rate shipping fee of MYR 10 for both West and East Malaysia. This is one of the attractions which I feel most of us loved to enjoy, especially those who are staying in East Malaysia. What’s more? Free shipping is applicable for single receipt of order starting from RM150 and above.


All orders will be delivered within 1-2 working days, but we can expect the items to be delivered within 3 working days because Mr. Postman always ‘not-on-time’. If you’re planning to get the items within the week, place order on Monday, and you shall receive your items latest by Friday, at least that’s based on my experience. *wink*


I’ve decided to order some masks because I’m running out of mask sheets (though I still have other types of mask), and Major B is having a 50% discount on their masks. I ordered a total of 44 masks which is enough for me to enjoy a 50-day mask experience.


The actual amount that I need to pay is MYR 116 (with MYR 10 of shipping fee), but with coupon which was sent out to my mailbox after I’ve registered an account with Major B, the total which I need to pay is MYR 101. That means, each mask costs me only RM2.00! This is a massive saving!


The online store only support one type of payment, that is, Maybank. It’s understandable that this online store still new and there are more to be done including setting up the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, as well as FAQs. Anyway, I found it’s quite hassle as I had to make a transfer from other bank account because I don’t have an account with Maybank.

Regardless of the limitations of Major B, I love the products that this store has on shelf. Moreover, the price is reasonable, too. I’m looking forward for more products to be added soon including IOPE and Mamonde brand. I can hardly wait to get my items soon and blog about it!

Major B: Facebook | Instagram | Online Store

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