Nature Medics Rappol Cica Renew Tea Tree Mask

Nature Medics Rappol Cica Renew Teatree Mask Moisturizes & Lightens My Skin Instantly!

While most of us would rather wear make-up to look acceptable and better, sometimes, we need to let our skin breathe so that our skin can look at its best. I do not suggest you to ditch your make-up application but I would advise to wear it less so the skin can rejuvenate and heal up. For those who apply make-up every day, here is something that you need not to ditch. Yes. We’re talking about pampering your skin with enough nutrients, and get rid of make-up residue from deep inside the pores so that your skin will become healthy, younger, and translucent.

Nature Medics Rappol Cica Renew Tea Tree Mask

There are tons of sheet masks available in the market nowadays that we usually end up buying mask that does not meet our expectation. In some cases, we would stumble upon sheet mask that only contributes to breakouts and other skin problems. I recently received another Korean brand which is very novel as I have never heard of their brand name before. Rappol products by Nature Medics are still new in Malaysia as well as Singapore but their products have been really accepted in Korean market. In fact, they will open their store here in Malaysia at the end of this year. Yet, you can still purchase Rappol products online (scroll down to find where you can buy this product via online).

This Rappol Cica Renew Teatree Mask by Nature Medics is supposed to deliver rich moisture and calming effect that penetrates deep into the skin. It is made of soft tencel mask with highly concentrated essence that maintain healthy skin and provides hydration to the skin which also helps the skin to maintain its suppleness as well as provides anti-wrinkles benefits. I love the fact that this product comes with many benefits and the material is also very skin-friendly.

Nature Medics Rappol Cica Renew Tea Tree Mask

This product contains natural ingredients which is great enough for sensitive skin. This mask itself has ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, and some natural extracts such as Lime, Orange, Tomato, Mushroom, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, and Lemon. Judging from the ingredients listed in this mask itself, I can say that this mask has anti-aging and lightening properties.

Nature Medics Rappol Cica Renew Tea Tree Mask

How do I use this mask? I usually put my sheet mask in the freezer or fridge. I find it’s a good way to chill my mask before using it as my skin is prone to redness. Moreover, I love how it cool-off my skin, making my skin at its best. In fact, Korean girls even have mini-refrigerators specifically made to store their skincare products.

“Gel facial masks used for hydration, calming, and soothing the skin are best kept in the fridge, especially for someone who is prone to redness,” says Dworkin. “The coolness will constrict capillaries and decrease redness.” – Shannon Farrell, 8 Beauty Products You Should Keep in Your Fridge, Women’s Health Magazine, November 17, 2014.

Nature Medics Rappol Cica Renew Tea Tree Mask

There is no ‘best or suitable time’ to pamper the skin with sheet mask. I usually have my sheet mask twice a day, depending on the weather. This is because my skin tends to get oily and dry (because I have combination skin) at the same time, so I need to balance the sebum production. Moreover, I want to keep a normal sebum production so my skin is healthy without breakouts, and look very old with those dry lines. I can see that this product will be able to give the skin with maximum benefits if using it for a longer period.

My Final Verdict

I actually love this mask because it feels so nice with my skin. In fact, it works best after putting it in the fridge. It does not give my skin with breakouts, and ensure my skin has ample hydration. The scent is acceptable. The material of the mask is thin enough for the skin to breathe. This is a great sheet mask that is rich with natural essence which the skin requires. My skin feels so supple and soft after wearing this mask. This is definitely a recommended mask which you should try especially when you have sensitive skin. You will love this, instantly~!


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