Movie: Tell The World (2015)

I have following the progress of ‘Tell The World’ since it was announced a few years ago. It’s a story of the birth and development of the early Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) movement which highlights the major events that shaped the early church, and the prominent names such as William Miller, Joshua V. Himes, Ellen Harmon (Ellen G. White), Joseph Bates, James White and J.N. Andrews.

Tell The World

I learned about this early movement when I was taking my Master Guide (MG) several years ago, and I am so happy to know that they have finally made a movie out of it because I find it’s easier to remember when it’s in a multimedia mode. In fact, this can be a great medium to teach the youth and have better understanding about the early SDA movement as this movie highlight most of the important events which occurred over a 60-year period.

If you’re interested to watch the premiere release on October 22, 2016 (Sabbath/Saturday), you can visit the website at to register and they will grant you an access to the full length film, shorter episodes, and also permission to host a screening at your local church. They are all for free for you.

Tell The World

The film will also be made available to watch on the Tell the World website in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Portugues starting on Friday evening, October 21, 2016. Additionally, you can watch the film on Hope Channel (check your local listings), or ARtv on Android, iOS, tvOS, Roku and other streaming devices.  It will also be available on the Adventist Church’s Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Tell The World: Website | Facebook | Youtube

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