Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Movie: Suami Aku Ustaz

I rarely have time watching movies lately, and you would be surprised that I don’t actually watch Malay or Indonesian movies. I love watching them but it’s quite hard to watch them online (because I don’t have time to hit the cinema). Just like other Asian movies (or dramas), Malaysian movies are great, too. My preference would go to those that deal with life, and romance. My cousins, and friends are those who love to have me tag with them when watching movies. Anyway, I’m not a fan of any thriller, or horror movies. 

Today is my day of rest as I’m having my ‘dear’ hay fever. Yeah, itchy, runny nose, and watery eyes. Mr Hubby has been a good ‘nurse’ today, and he helped me with all the house chores. Staying at home is my only option, and I need to get ample of rest. So, I’ve been watching this nice movie of Nora Danish, and Adi Putra. I admit that I love watching them both work together because they have the ‘chemistry’. I’m sure most of you had already watched this movie, and I decided to watch this after I read a review from Hazanis’ Love Is Cinta blog. Thanks, Hazanis!

The movie is based on a novel written Hannah Dhaniyah. I have yet to read her best-selling novel. The story starts as Alisa (Nora Danish) who are still in school (17, and preparing for her SPM examination) are forced to get married by her parents. The guy who she has to get married is her own cousin, Ustaz Hafiz, who is also a religious teacher in the same school which she attends. So, the parents head off to Mecca for pilgrimage, leaving Alisa in the hand of her new husband, Ustaz Hafiz (Adi Putra). It’s a nice movie except for certain parts in which left unanswered – What happened to Wati? Who broke into the house? Where’s Alisa’s Dad? What happened to that ‘sexy teacher’ in Kebaya?


Overall, the movie is nice. Very ‘chick-lit’. I like the joke about the moustache (macam zaman P.Ramlee pula tu misai tu tau). It’s really hilarious! I should have grab the book from Karya Seni soon!

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