Review: Revlon PhotoReady Two-Way Cake Foundation

Revlon PhotoReady Two-Way Cake Foundation

Here’s a short review on Revlon PhotoReady Two-Way Cake Foundation as I don’t feel really well at the moment. Having fever is the most awful thing in the world. Anyway, this is one of my favourite two-way cake foundation which I love to use for my clients. Not only because of its coverage, but also it doesn’t make the makeup looked cakey. This Revlon PhotoReady Two-Way Cake Foundation is available in major beauty parlours such as Watsons, Gurdian, and SASA.

What They Say

Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and defuse light to erase every flaw. Silky smooth jet-milled powder for a soft matte finish. Oil free. Fragrance free.

Active Ingredients: Octinoxate (ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) 2.0%, titanium dioxide 2.0%.

Revlon PhotoReady Two-Way Cake Foundation

What I Say

The powder foundation comes in a similar to iPhone 5S size slim compact compartment which is fit for a small pouch. It comes with a sponge applicator but I prefer to use with my Beauty Blender, or Kabuki brush. The texture is not powdery, and soft. It slightly conceal pores and under eyes but I’d recommend to apply PhotoReady Concealer before applying this especially when you need to conceal your dark under eyes.

Although it’s easily blended, there’s a need to consider the amount of application as it tends to form a ‘crack’ on matured, and dry skin people. It’s recommended to apply moisturiser or hydrating foundation before applying this powder foundation.

The application depends on types of skin, but overall, I love its blendability and it doesn’t clog the pores which leads to breakouts. I also love its fragrance free. It’s also great for those who are looking for a powder foundation which can be used on both dry and wet sponge application. Even though it has SPF 19, I would still recommend to apply a sunblock or sunscreen with higher SPF before applying this powder foundation.

The price, though, is quite expensive for a simple full coverage and blendability. I can easily find substitute of this two-way cake foundation with the same features.

Where To Buy

  • Watsons
  • Guardian
  • SASA
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