Local: Why #SupportLocal #SapotLokal Is Worth Every Ringgit

Most of these business owners work harder to make the business a success, and they want to offer their customers the best experience possible for a word-of-mouth and repeat orders. Handmade is ‘one-of-a-kind’ and it is always guaranteed to be a one-off. I love how they personalised the design with a stand out design which is totally different from the others. Plus, I can always ask them to imitate those designs which are not available in Sabah (or Malaysia).

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Handmade products are environmental friendly as they do not require a large production facility as they are mostly made in small studios or homes. Logistically, they are purely local that do not travel far just to reach you.

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When we buy local handmade, we are supporting our local artisans as well as the economy as the money stays in Malaysia. I have always support our talented local artisans, it doesn’t matter whether they are from Sabah, Sarawak, or West Malaysia, because I believe that it is best to encourage them to continue investing in their skill and talent.


Whenever we support our local artisans, we are also supporting the traditional crafts. Yup! We are helping them to pass the skills to the next generation and keep the tradition alive. These local artisans can be one of the medium that support our tourism as they produce unique products for the tourists to bring back to their home country. Most of these tourists would rather purchase unique local handmade products because they know the true value of these items. Besides, there are less chances that somebody else will have the same items.

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Believe it or not. When we support our local products, we are actually creating jobs. One study found that shifting just 10% of consumer spending in a particular area to locally owned businesses would create hundreds of new jobs and millions of Ringgits in local wages. This will also help our communities in rural areas in term of to free them from poverty and improve their living.


Basically, we need to keep the money stays in the community. When we bought products locally, we are keeping the local economy alive twice as efficient. Money is like blood where it requires to keep moving around for the economy to stay alive. If we spent more money elsewhere, we are flowing out the money just like wound.


Don’t just whine, peeps! Our leaders need our help to make our economy grow and stabilize. Let’s support our local products, support local businesses, support our economy, and support our own people. Don’t hurt the business with “Kasi Diskaun Lah Bah”. #SayNoToDiscount #SapotLokal #SupportLocal

See ya!

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