Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Local: MUAH Studio Academy (Sabah)

Some of my clients and friends asked me where I learnt to do make-ups and hairstyling. It’s a long story but just to make long story short, I was a make-up and beauty junkie because I was so in love with the Japanese Gyaru (ギャル) back then. Basically, theGyaru makeup is all about the eyes which features the winged eyeliner, dramatic false eyelashes, and cosmetic coloured circle contact lenses to enhance the size of the iris to give a dolly or a ‘puppy-eyed’ look. I was hooking for famous Japanese models like Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kumicky, and Kyaru Pyamyu Pyamyu.

So, my favourite pit stop is Youtube where I first learnt about Michelle Phan who was just started her vlog in 2006. I was a big fan of her back then. Woah! It was exactly 10 years! How time flies. I also have some other Youtubers which I loved so much but nobody can beat Michelle Phan. I was so noob… and pathetic.

I wanted to learn something while pursuing my Master Degree because I had so much ‘free time’ that I decided to find a make-up academy around Kota Kinabalu where I can learn more about make-ups. It never crossed my mind to delve deeper into make-up business that time. There were a few back then, and most of them were offering 3-day make-up course. I was about to enrol myself to a make-up academy in Kuala Lumpur when I stumbled upon this MUAH Studio Academy.


MUAH Studio Academy offers pro-makeup and hairstyling courses, sells makeup tools and provides hassle-free booking of makeup artists. I took full time professional Diploma course with the academy in 2012 for about 6 months. That means, I was juggling between my MA, and make-up course. It was tiring but it really paid off. I passed their theory, and practical examination which then certified myself a Professional Diploma in Make-Up Artistry.

I admit that it was really fun while learning at MUAH Studio Academy. I also managed to expand my networks meeting people with diverse background, and learn something in which my MA would never offer me, that is, thoughtful. Why thoughtful? I always thought that a professional make-up artists are the people who are professional, and mistakes are not acceptable when there’s a ‘professional’ certificate. However, I later learnt that I need to be thoughtful because professional still bound to do mistakes because they are human. Sometimes, criticizing other people for their make-ups done would never be a good thing, too. We, human, often judging others because we are expecting something ‘more-more-more’ better than what we saw.


I learnt so much when I was at MUAH Studio Academy, and to be frank enough, I am forever grateful to MUAH Studio Academy for shaping me into who I am today. I was not as confident as I am today. I was, in fact, afraid of meeting people. I didn’t talk much whenever I do my jobs. I was anti-social, too locked-up with my own world. All thanks to MUAH Studio Academy, they taught me to be friendly, and have some patience.

Being a make-up artist since 2012 has actually helped me spending wisely on make-up products. LOL! Trust me, you would never have to scratch your head while choosing make-ups anymore. If you love make-ups a lot, then you should enrol yourself @ MUAH Studio Academy. Besides, you can also learn some basic make-up at the Academy, too.

Still unconvincing? Try getting a Certificate with MUAH Studio Academy.

Location: MUAH Studio Academy, B-2-16, 2nd Floor, Damas 118 Plaza, Jalan Penampang Bypass, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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