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Green Tea Latte by Kaw Kaw

I’ve always love the taste of green tea. There are a few locally made green tea latte available in the market but only a few of them are my favourites. In fact, I can be very fussy when it comes to taste as I’d rather prefer anything that is ‘not-too-sweet’. Anyway, today’s post is about this ‘not-too-sweet’ or ‘not-so-sweet’ Homemade Green Tea Latte. It’s so delicious that I’ve decided to blog about it because I wished it will reach the masses soon.

This pastel green Homemade Green Tea Latte Kaw Kaw has a light milky texture, and the taste is not so sweet, too. The owner herself is a fitness junkie who is currently on her goal to reach her ideal body weight, and she also drink this as refreshment. 

Green Tea Latte by Kaw Kaw

You will start to feel refreshed after one cool sip of this Homemade Green Tea Latte. There are 2 types of Green Tea Latte which are very famous: Plain Green Tea Latte, and Minty Green Tea Latte. Both plain, and mint are great but I’d prefer plain one over the latter because I find the minty taste is quite too strong for me. Anyway, the Minty Green Tea Latte is perfect as post-workout drink because mint can be quite cooling. 

There is a bit of caffeine in each serving but you will never have that jitters which you can get from the coffee. Green tea can be an excellent energising substitute for coffee because it’s rich in anti-oxidants. Frankly speaking, this is the best homemade green tea latte I’ve tasted. Simply delicious, and there’s a balance in taste of green tea, and milk. A perfect match in Heaven. LOL! 

Green Tea Latte by Kaw Kaw

It’s a homemade green tea latte tagged at MYR5.00 per bottle, and you can order from Ms. Shirley at +6016-818-1250. Delivery is available around Kota Kinabalu (and some nearby areas) with a minimum order quantity.

Where To Buy:

  • Shirley – +6016-818-1250 (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

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