Local: Bambangan Perap Goreng (Rinako Trading)

The Bambangan has been promoted as one of the tourism products in Sabah. You can find a variety of dishes using Bambangan were created innovatively. For instance, turning Bambangan into a jam, juice, and the latest one that I found is this ‘Bambangan Perap Goreng‘ (Marinated Fried Bambangan).

I am a big fan of Bambangan (Mangifera pajang), a seasonal fruit which has been labeled as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This fruit can be found only on the island of Borneo. It is known as wild mango and quite popular among the Kadazandusuns in Sabah as it is usually made into pickle or cooked with fish (or chicken – I later found this when I was studying in UiTM Sarawak).

This Bambangan Perap Goreng has been quite popular among the local Malaysian celebrities and yet to be made known among the Sabahans. I believe that the seller really does her homework as she is really aware the power of viral marketing especially when the product is just one month old.

Let’s talk about this Bambangan Perap Goreng. I’m sure you are looking forward of what I have to say about this local product. Frankly speaking, this product has its own unique concept which is something I do believe it really possess the potentials to go further. The packaging, however, requires to be upgraded into a marketable packaging that focus on being a travel-friendly as well as to ensure the freshness can last for a few months. I look forward to have this product to be upgraded in term of its packaging, and in compliance with Malaysian Food Regulations.

How about the taste? Bambangan Perap Goreng does have this unique taste – crunchy, sour, sweet, and spicy. However, those who have been eating Bambangan for such a long time would definitely know how to savour a Bambangan. Some might not in favour with the crunchiness, while others would prefer to have a sweet and spicy Bambangan. Whatever the reason is, I usually mix Bambangan Perap Goreng with soup, or Maggi. I notice that it tastes better when it is cooked as to remove the ‘too crunchy’ texture.

Anyway, I look forward to have this Bambangan Perap Goreng go beyond just as a short-term local product. I believe this product just need to have some polishing on the packaging and texture. Thanks for reading my review. Let’s support our local products which are produced by our Sabahans.


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