Local: 4 Best Sabah Food Gifts Which You Should Buy

Local: 4 Best Sabah Food Gifts Which You Should Buy

When we buy locally produce, we are supporting the growth of local industries such as agriculture, fishery, tourism, SMEs, and so on. Of course, we are supporting those from rural communities since most of them are small scale farmers. The only thing that I enjoy buying locally is because it gives me the chance to have access to the person that created the product. It allows me to understand their true inspirations.

Many research studies have shown that small-scale, locally owned business can create more prosperous, and  strongly connected communities. In fact, when we buy from an independent and locally-owned business, we actually help to strengthen the economic base by allowing the money to stay and flow within the community. By stimulating the economy, we produce a stable future for our next generation. Okay. I have to stop my ‘thesis-like-blogging’ because it can be really boring.

I have seen more and more local Sabahan products in the market but here are some of the locally made products for you to try if you are looking for a one of a kind Sabahan products. Here are 4 Sabahan products which you should buy if you are looking for something more ‘Sabahans’. Well, you won’t find them elsewhere.



Let’s twist and rock with Ropuhan Di Tanak Wagu’s Taste of Sabah Jams. These are not your ordinary jams because they can be marinated with chicken or mixed with hot milk. They are made with carefully selected fresh ingredients to bring the highest quality jam. All jams are using 100% real and all natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and there are no chemical or man made additives either. In other words, there is a need to put into the fridge once they are opened.

Price Range: RM5.00 – RM25.00

List of Ropuhan Di Tanak Wagu’s Products:

  • Sambal Lada Putih
  • Tuhau Fried Chicken Wings Marinade Mix
  • Tuhau Fried Chicken Seasoning Mix
  • Sparkling Drinks
    • Timadang (Tarap) Flavour
    • Bunga Kantan Flavour
    • Tuhau Flavour
    • Bambangan Flavour
  • Magic Sauce
    • Bambangan Flavour
    • Tuhau Flavour
    • Bunga Kantan Flavour
    • Timadang (Tarap) Flavour
  • Premium Jam
    • Bambangan Flavour
    • Tuhau Flavour
    • Timadang (Tarap) Flavour
    • Bunga Kantan Flavour

Where To Buy:

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Serunding & Sambal Tuhau from Ranau
Wanira’s Serunding Tuhau


When I was working in Ranau, I met this local seller who asked me to sample their Serunding Tuhau, and I instantly love the taste! Tuhau is a Sabahan local delicacy made from the shoots of the wild-ginger species Etlingera coccinea. It is known as ‘Upak Kecalak’ (Sarawak), and ‘Umbut Tepus’ (Kedah). It is a popular local appetizer as it is usually mixed with small diced chillies, diced scallion, and vinegar or lime juice. Not everyone can stand with its strong smell. If you would love to eat Tuhau, it is better to start with Sambal Tuhau; not the Pickled Tuhau. Similar (or slightly unlike) to the Korean Kimchi, this Sabahan Tuhau is not intended to be eaten alone unless you can bear with the strong smell and acidic taste. The best way to eat Tuhau is to eat together with rice or instant noodles – I’d prefer Korean Ramen than Maggi instant noodles.

Price Range: RM10.00 – RM25.00

Serunding & Sambal Tuhau from Ranau
Wanira’s Sambal Tuhau

List of Wanira’s Products:

  • Serunding Tuhau
  • Sambal Tuhau
  • Serunding Betik
  • Sambal Lada
  • Sambal Belacan
  • Jinaruk Tuhau
  • Jinaruk Bambangan

Interested? You can simply drop a Whatsapp message or just call her to place order or just stop by at her stall @ Kg. Randagong Ranau (if you happen to be around Ranau).

Where To Buy:

Pengusaha Tani Kampung Randagong Lama, Ranau
Contact Number: +6019-538-4021 (Whatsapp / SMS)

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Photo taken from Edwin’s Facebook


This Sambal Spicy from Edwin’s Kitchen in Penampang is the current talk of the town. Freshly made without preservatives. This is a must for those who would love to try Sabah local delicacies. Sabahans and Sambal – very very very the very impossible to separate. My favourite picks are Sambal Nenas Ikan Masin, Bawang Ikan Bilis, and Sambal Ikan Masin Lada Putih. Oh, you should try his Sambal Udang Bubuk Cili Kering (if you are not udang-allergic like me) because this is one of his best-seller Sambal! Spicy – Very oommphh! Sambal + Nasi = 2 piring pun tidak cukup, bosku!

Photo with Edwin at Tamu Donggongon, Penampang.

Edwin’s Kitchen Products:

  • Sambal Spicy
    • Bambangan Belacan
    • Tuhau Udang Kering
    • Nenas Ikan Masin
    • Bawang Ikan Bilis
    • Ikan Masin Lada Putih
    • Udang Bubuk CIli Kering
    • Udang Kering Spicy
  • Serunding Herbs
    • Ikan Bilis
Photo taken from Edwin’s Facebook

Where To Buy:

Address: Kg. Kolopis, Penampang
Contact No.: 013-3102660

Jus Bambangan
Old packaging of Bambangan Juice


For those who are not familiar with Bambangan, this local fruit can only be found in Borneo – Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan. The flesh is like mango except that Bambangan is bigger, sometimes like the head of a one year-old toddler. It can be eaten raw, or as pickles. Bambangan juice is also known for its remarkable health benefits. It has real Bambangan juice, not just some mere cordial taste added with water to get the flavour. It has sweet and sour taste which I find it is quite amazing. It is best to drink while it is still cold.

Price Range: RM5.00 – RM6.00

Where To Buy?

Address: No.2, Fasa 3, Kg. Seroja, Jalan Kuala Laut, 88450 Kota Kinabalu.
Contact No.: 016-8026454

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Wishing to have your product discovered by me or do you have information on local products which I should try? Let me know in the comment box below. Sia suka mau tau apa produk tempatan Sabah yang sia belum tarai lagi. 😉


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