Life: Ph.inisheD

I went to apply for MA in Accountancy but then my previous University sent me an offer letter for a Ph.D. I feel blessed because I’ve never thought of getting an offer letter from my previous university. It really makes me realized that God always there for me. I don’t have to act like an angel, anyway. The blessing speaks for itself.

I never wanted to have Ph.D. but since it’s one of my Dad’s wishes, then I guess I have to fulfil his dream. He has been persuading me to get until Ph.D. because I refused to take LLB (Hons.) prior this. I never consider myself as brilliant because I know how often I feel suffocated as I try to study things that beyond my finesse. Only God knows the burden I have to carry, yet He never leave me alone. I believe that God will always there to help us when we’re sincere in everything we do.

Is This a Competition?

I have a few friends who are also struggling to earn Ph.D. for themselves. It’s like a race, a competition. I’m not sure what others are thinking but trying to reach up to this level always leaves me suffocated. I consider this as an investment, and to fulfil my parent’s wishes. If some of them would love to compete, then that’s their loss because I don’t consider myself to enter such competition. Why should I? Unless it offers me 1 millions dollars for completing my Ph.D. before everyone else. Nevertheless, I’m very happy to find my friends who are pursuing their dreams, and I find it’s rather motivating than being a nagger.


Is It Worth It?

I always asked myself before deciding to accept the offer. Is it worthy? I guess getting a Ph.D. can either be cheaper or pricey depending on the intention of the person. Some people would just pay for it as long as they have the title. Some would rather struggle because they want to compete with their rivals. Being envy of others is the root. Only a few would struggle to earn a Ph.D. because it’s part of their dreams or passion. My parents have always told me not to offer them money; they only asked me to give back the results from their investments. I bet getting a Ph.D. is the only thing that I can offer. I just need to endure the hardships to juggle between being the eldest child in the family, a wife to a great hubby, a mom to my kids, and a student who is trying to complete the course in time. This is also to inspire my kids to value their family, and future (at least. LOL!).


I will have to stop here… This is not the end of my blogging era, this is just the beginning of a new life. LOL! I will strike back later. See ya!

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