Let Me Get My Girly Shit: Handbag

A woman cannot live without her handbag. It’s part of trophy of femininity – We put almost everything inside there (you can say we even have spare tampons or G-string inside there). Like the kangaroo’s pouch, it seems part of all we are. You can be sure that a woman has been kidnapped or murdered if the handbag is left behind and the woman is nowhere to be found. If you ask me what’s one thing that I cannot live without, besides chocolate of course, my answer would be “It’s a fabulous handbag!”

Some of the handbags which I’m in love with…
Price: RM7,508.00
Price: RM7,288.00
Price: RM5,200.00
Price: RM5,958.00
Price: RM8,258.00
Price: RM4,868.00
Price: RM688.00
Price: RM948.00
Price: RM1,158.00
Price: RM5,648.00
Price: RM13,168.00

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