Let Me Get My Girly Shit: All About Facial Mask

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Do you use facial masks as part of your skincare routine? I love facial masks, and I personally believe that it is the easiest way to pamper your skin without having to spend a lot of money on skincare products. Apart from it, facial masks never fail to give your skin with a big boost without fuss! Whether it is a cream, peel-off, or sheet based facial mask, I always find that facial mask is a great way to de-stress myself as well as enjoying other benefits from this one easy application. I usually put on my facial mask before bedtime since I’m not keen at applying night cream on my face as it would only leave my skin oily in the next morning. These are some of the facial masks which I would recommend you (and some of them are on sale right now!). 

Price: RM9.99
Price: RM71.20
Price: RM5.90
Price: RM5.90
Price: RM49.90
Looking for a 15% discount? Be sure to type DAYVE in coupon form during checkout. No, this is not a joke. You will get 15% discount when you type my name. It’s a treat for my beautiful readers out there! 🙂

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