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When I was preparing for my SPM (GCE ‘O’ Level) in 2000, my parents were busy planning collecting brochures from various Universities, and colleges. They had decided to get me into Accountancy course, but I was busy hiding from them that the fact I was taking Arts as my additional subject when I was actually in a Science class. I was called as ‘Kamikaze‘ by my classmates who were damn worried I was jeopardising my studies.

I took 5 elective subjects, i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Add. Maths, Accounting, and Arts, in addition to my 5 core subjects which made the total of 10 subjects. There were my friends who took Chinese, and Islamic education back then but I was the only student who were taking Arts. I didn’t inform this to my parents because I was so furious they didn’t allow me to take Biology because they were worried I wouldn’t be able to get through with it. I was a slow pick-up, and still a slow pick-up.

I learned my Arts subject alone, and I had never attend Arts class. It was hard as I had to keep it hide from my parents, and I even had to discuss my class teachers (Ms. Anika Tony & Mdm. Tan Su Lui) not to mention my Arts even when they had to write it into my monthly test record card. They were furious upon finding out I was taking Arts subject without their knowledge when I passed the bill for them to pay my exam fees. Too late. They couldn’t do anything other than pay the fee. LOL! The rest was a history, I passed all my subjects and I got a few offers to further my studies in Arts, but then I had to reject all of them (with a heavy heart) as my parents wanted me to take Accountancy course.

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My life as a student was hard back then because there were limited access for information on higher learning institutions. Those were the days where we still depend on brochures and ‘physical’ application form to enrol into a course. My Dad was determined to have me into Accountancy because he needs me to deal all the accounting in the company. So, I just follow then flow, I got my Diploma and First Degree with a 3.00 within 5 years. My parents were expecting me to pass with at least a CGPA of 2.75 because they know I hate Accountancy so much. They even prayed that I wouldn’t get kicked out from the University which I was attending. Thanks to their constant prayers because God answered them all.

Later that year, my Dad offered me to study Law just because I got my Law subjects (Contract + Partnership + Company) filled with As. So, Dad bought all those Law books for me to read. I was forced to read and argue with him on certain cases. My Dad is not a lawyer but he got friends from legal firm. Not one but ‘plenty’ of them. Again, I had to seek information about the institutions which he mentioned – Brickfields Asia College, HELP University, KDU University College, SEGI University, Stamford College, University of Bradford (UK), Dankook University (South Korea), Durham University (UK), and Deakin University (Australia).


Anyway, the reason I write this is not to boast what I did in the past, or how great I was back then. I’m not a Hercules or Wonder Woman. However, it was hard back then. Those who were living in the early 2000s had to struggle finding information on the institutions they wanted to enrol. I still remember when my friends wanted to further their studies in UK, and they had to rely on recommendations from other people who had been there. There were no Facebook back then. Word-of-Mouth was our most reliable source of information. IRC, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and MSN Messenger were our communication with our friends from all over the globe. LOL!


I’m sure you have been ‘Googling’ around to get more information about EasyUni.Com, and that’s why you’ve stumbled into my place. EasyUni.Com was founded in 2011, and this Malaysian-based education portal aims to connect students with universities and colleges worldwide. EasyUni.Com features a huge rich content database of universities, student reviews, photos, and videos with a mission to help students in getting a place into universities via its student counselling services. This means you no longer need to deal with sourcing reliable information because this portal involves 2 parties, that is, consumers (students) and sellers (learning institutions). EasyUni.Com is the biggest player in South-East Asia with more than 2,000 universities and colleges and over 70,000 programs in 20 countries. If you’re a parent who is looking for the best education for your kids, hop on to EasyUni.Com today because it has information that you’re looking for.

Here are some of the reputable Universities in which I find on EasyUni.Com. You might want to check some of the higher learning institutions listed in these countries if you’re thinking of pursuing studies after your SPM, Diploma, or Degree.

What I am doing right now? I’m still studying… LOL!

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