Kuat Komplen

When you’re attending to a dinner, and the tickets are paid by your boss or sponsored by your family members, you pula sana complaint because the foods tidak sedap. Bersyukurlah sebab someone bought for you the tickets.
When someone offered you the dinner tickets, you asked the price, bila you know the cost, price, and menu, you complaint the price MAHAL. Don’t complaint, when you know the harga ticket begitu, you know begitu laitu costing for managing an event. Orang bodoh saja yang complaint walaupun dia sudah tahu dan ada experience managing an event. Bersyukurlah because you have that knowledge and information, orang lain tu bukan semua ada tu knowledge, and ada yang minghahali tau semua benda.
When someone invited you to a wedding reception di hall or rumah, you tidak datang because you bilang jauh or ‘no class’. Be grateful because ada kana invite. Jangan sampai nanti tidak kena invite lagi then you komplen sebab tu orang lupa kawu sudah. When you attend a wedding, please lah bawa angpau. At least show respect to the families, kalau ko rasa itu bride and groom rapat betul sama ko sampai ko inda perlu malu-malu kestau warna santut ko. *heheheheh… Saja*
When someone tidak invite you to a wedding reception di hotel, or ballroom, or luar negara, jangan terus-terus merajuk lepas tu mengumpat atau komplen. Maybe you previously pernah kena invite but you tidak datang (and tidak kestau pun sama the family), you tidak pernah bagi angpau (at least RM50/pax for hotel/ballroom, pigi google utk mau tau ‘market price’ orang bagi angpau sekarang supaya tidak kana kasi malu), ko mengumpat di belakang itu families/bride/groom, or the invitation list kena urus by the parents. Remember that itu cost is very high, and space is very limited.
Jangan sebab tiada aramaiti (which you’re expecting ada dalam setiap wedding reception), trus komplen the wedding tidak siok… It shows you have no respect towards other people punya religions.
Jangan terlampau kuat komplen, nanti kamu jadi kuat kantut… K.K kan…
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