Review: Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ with 5x DHA – CURIOUS (1-2 Years) Formula Milk

Dutch Lady Curious

Nutrition is very important for kids’ growth and the nutrients needed by the kids are the same needed by adults except the amounts vary. In fact, growth requirements together with physical activity play an important role in determining the kid’s nutritional needs. Thus, it’s important to ensure that the kid gets a balanced and complete nutrition so he can grow to fulfil his full potential.


It’s pretty unfair to say that only expensive formula milk is the best one for the kids because I’ve seen kids who cannot tolerate with such formula milk just due to the ingredients. I have 2 kids, and both of them consume different brands of formula milk. The first one consume Enfagrow while the second one is taking Dutch Lady Curious™ (1-2 Years). In fact, both of them are growing healthy and very fast in catching up with what they have been taught.  


My first kid has a sensitive tummy, and she would vomit if we changed her formula milk. In fact, she has been drinking Enfalac (and Enfagrow for kids) since she was a baby. Our second kid took Enfalac when she was a baby, and I started to give her other brand of formula milk when she hits 13 months. I received a sample from Dutch Lady a few months back after I registered myself with Dutch Lady Moms Club. My second baby is now taking Dutch Lady Curious™ (1-2 Years), and this post is intended to review about her consumption-experience.


What They Say

As children grow, their ability to learn develops too. They progress through different stages of smartness. The Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ is a nutritional system which provides tailored nutrition to support each smart milestone: CURIOUS, EXPLORE, CREATE & LEARN. Allowing your child the best of every smart milestone.

Dutch Lady Curious™ (1-2 Years)Nutrition to support curiosity in children between the ages of 1-2 who are eager to find out more about the world. At this age, they start observing, grasping, playing and pointing. An important requirement for these activities is vision. Brain development is also important during this phase as they start to learn and remember what they see in their surroundings.

KEY NUTRIENTS: DHA, Inositol, Vitamin A, Taurina, Vitamin D, Eye & Brain function.

SMART MILESTONES: From age 1 – 2, your child will (i) Find out how things work, (ii) Imitate others’ actions, and (iii) Be interested in location hidden objects.

FLAVOURS/PACK SIZE: Available in 350g: Plain & Honey, and 650g, 900g: Plain, Honey & Chocolate.

Other: Explore (2-4 Years), Create (4-6 Years), Learn (6+ Years).


What I Say

When we talk about giving our kids with a balanced and complete nutrition, I’ve came across to Dutch Lady which has recently launched its newly improved formula milk powder for kids. I can be very fussy when it comes to give my kids with formulate milk powder as I wanted to ensure that both of them get enough nutrients. My second kid has been consuming Dutch Lady Curious™ (1-2 Years) for 3 months now, and I love the fact that the milk does not contain sucrose.

You can actually see the nutritional information which I took from the pack. Fatty acids (DHA, Omega 3 & 6) are very important for kids’ muscles, bones, and brain development. In fact, we still need fatty acids to prevent muscle loss. Kids at 1-2 year-old are deemed to be very curious and you can even notice that they can be excited whenever they got themselves with new things or surroundings.


Sucrose = 0%. I’d usually look at the sucrose, fibre, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins (especially Vitamin A) because these are the most important nutrients which must never be ignored.


Most of these nutrients includes Vitamin D to absorb of dietary calcium for stronger bones (and tooth), Taurine as an antioxidant to protect the eyes and brain while Vitamin A is to support visual function whereby Inositol helps forming clear eye lens. Anyway, one should not wholly depend on formula milk only because the kids need to learn munching down other foods like fruits and vegetables. Maybe a small bite of cakes wouldn’t hurt, too. LOL!


I usually buy the plain milk powder as I wanted my kid to get used with the taste. The milk powder is easy to dissolve once I pour hot water. It has a faint vanilla scent, and it doesn’t taste sweet or sugary, too. I tried the sample in honey flavour, too, and it still tastes great and have a nice honey smell. My kid loves the taste. There’s no adverse effects when she consume Dutch Lady Curious™ formula milk powder so far which makes me relieved. I did show this milk to her Paediatrician last month and she even recommends it as it has the required amount of nutrients.


The honey flavour has a very nice smell, and as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t taste too sweet, too. I might also buy honey flavour next month as I still have about 3 packs of Dutch Lady CURIOUS in-stock. Thanks for the sample pack, Dutch Lady!


When it comes to price, a pack of 900g is tagged below MYR30. This blue colored pack can be found in major supermarkets. It’s consider as affordable for parents. Moreover, you can actually get more benefits once you have registered with Dutch Lady Moms Club, and that includes Dutch Lady Insurance worth up to MYR100,000 for your kid’s education!


The Dutch Lady collaborates with AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad to tailor a special insurance programme for kids aged 1 – 10 years old with the aim to keep the kids education funded and offer financial security if there’s anything happen to the parent of legal guardian. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register a free account with Dutch Lady Moms Club Member to unlock exclusive rewards and benefits. You can also request one small sample pack of their Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ milk powder.
  2. Buy any Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ With 5x DHA milk powder pack from any supermarkets, and start collecting the barcodes (cut the barcode) until you have enough Rewards Points. 1 barcode = 30 points (for 900gm/1kg). You will need 46 barcodes to eligible to redeem for the Dutch Lady Insurance – Plan B, and 73 barcodes for a Plan A Dutch Lady Insurance.
  3. Fill in the form which you can get from Dutch Lady Moms Club site. Mail the form together with the barcodes. 

You can find more details about Dutch Lady Insurance here

Dutch Lady Smart Moments: Facebook | Website

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