It’s Never Too Old To Be Incredibles with the Arts by The Inkredibles

I remember back when I was in high school where we would design our own notebooks with anything. Sometimes, we would wrap our books with old magazine and put some lyrics that we loved so much. There were times where we would look for some stickers, large stickers, which ended up having a box of unused stickers. However, those were good old days where people would rather stare at the screen than dying traditional ink and paper.

Of course, with the advancement of technology, people can now take notes using iPad or Tab. Ditching pencils and papers, scheduling their time using digital planner, and so on. This technology has made life easier. However, there is also a few drawbacks of having too much technology in our life – our handwriting has become… ugly. I actually noticed this myself where my handwriting has become very fugly. Even my Chinese handwriting has become like those who have just learnt Chinese. So, I have decided to go back to what I did in the past – jotting down the notes and schedules using pens and papers. Futhermore, it can be really fun without having to worry about the consumption of digital storage, losing data, and low battery.

Recently, I received a box of amazing designs from The Inkredibles. In fact, most of their designs include positive messages in which I love the most. Their beautifully designed wire-bound notebooks are what I have been looking for because they are really one of a kind. I actually love their Never Too Old To Be Incredible, and Travel Journal because they have the things that I need whenever I flip the pages – Monthly Calendar, Diary, To-Do Lists, Challenges, and so on.

For those who love to collect postcards, The Inkredibles also great postcards compiled in a book. Creatively designed with great graphics. The paper material is also better than what you can find in store.

Stickers may be the last one that any one of us would buy but for those who love to keep a scrapbook or even being artsy with their planner book, The Inkredibles has tons of quirky stickers that are knit together by their in-house designers. Last but not least, their unique cards are perfect to be given for any occasions. Make something memorable for your loved ones to keep, rather than sending warmest greetings via digital.

If you are looking for something different, remember to grab some from The Inkredibles.

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