Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

I Wish I’d Said That!

Sometimes I get frustrated as I look at my Facebook timeline. People complaining, insulting, arguing, and keep on re-posting sensitive issues over the Facebook. I would love to see a positive one – with encouraging, and inspiring ones – Enough to make me think that the day is just another challenging phase of life. Rather than wasting my time on Facebook, I’d rather read blogs written by people who share beautiful pictures, sayings, stories, or even ideas with anyone who’s willing to look. I believe that they wanted to keep an archive of everything that is important to them – What they believe in, who they believe in, and basically the things that make them feel alive.

Nevertheless, I’m a collector of quotes. When I find a good one I read it time and again, and then share it on my Facebook (and it will eventually appears on my Twitter. LOL!). It’s awesome that we can read and remember the wise words of men and women throughout the ages. Yet, I always want to make something with them and hang them on the wall. The problem is, I wish my hubby wouldn’t get crazy when he found out there’s a lots of quotes hanging on our wall.

I wish I’d said some of the quotes. I live my life with inadequate knowledge that most people think my existence is none other than that of a man. I live my life learning from the experience which include fear and distrust of a few people who have never stopped to humiliate either me, or someone I knew, or a group of people in general. Although I do not approach these people with the assumption that they are mean, I never trust people before I have the proof that I can. The fear and distrust have shaped me today. They mean that I am conscious though I do not live my life in fear and distrust. I still believe that things can change and that every individual can make a difference, if they wanted to.

Have a great day, people. 🙂

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