I Love: Huggies Hug Club

If you haven’t register yourself into Huggies Hug Club, then you should do it now. It’s free, and once you have signed up with them, you will get product samples (of your choice) delivered to your doorstep for free. I’ve chosen Huggies Dry, and Huggies Ultra for my little one. I’m very particular with the health of my baby, especially when it comes to diaper rashes (kalau balik-balik kencing, memang kena ruam punya). It’s very important to keep our little ones’ bottom healthy and comfortable (so the mum and dad can enjoy their sleep. LOL!)

Looking forward to get free samples of Huggies just like mine? All you have to do is to get yourself registered with Huggies Hug Club. Click here to tell them about yourself. Make sure your address is valid or you will never get to enjoy for their product samples, and keep yourself updated with their interesting periodic activities and promotions. 
Last but not least, thank you, Huggies!
Takkan mau balik-balik pegang drypers di hypermarket? Get your samples from Huggies today!

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