How-To: Style Like Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson (Greg Wise’s wife) is one of the well-known British actress and screenwriter who is noted for her sophisticared and witty performance has always portrays enigmatic and matronly characters in period dramas and literary adaptations. She recently starred in Last Christmas (2019), and we will be able to see her again in her upcoming movie, Cruella.

Emma is going to be 61 this year but her sense of style has never been a failure. She always appears confidently and comfortably in her own style. Here are some of her style which you can grab without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Emma Thompson

This simple dress can be worn for casual to work. Just add nice accessories and you are ready to go! It does really give Emma the simple and chic look. This is a great shade to pair with black pumps. You can simply grab this style from ROMWE.

Never underestimate the power of donning a lace dress. The lace dress has been a favourite for decades and it resembles a sophisticated lady. It can never go wrong when wearing a lace dress for a formal party or just for a date. Check out some of these lace dresses:

MUNICH, GERMANY - JUNE 29_ Emma Thompson arrives…

This classic tie neck blouse can be worn with anything as this style is really versatile. Can be simply worn as a bow, flower, or just let it loose. There are various styles you can choose from this list. Check them out.

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