How-To: 7 Tips to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Moving Company

Moving can be overwhelming but there’s always so much to do and so little time. However, moving from your home to a new place is difficult because  most humans find it difficult to adjust to the idea at once. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always look for a reputable moving company.

The moving industry has many fly by night, scam movers who take advantage of people by adding charges after the move and holding belongings for ransom. Moreover, when moving on your own you are not protected if items are damaged along the way. Therefore, it is really important to look for a mover who has the knowledge, equipment and trained professionals to successfully perform moves.

Moving Company

Check out for some of the tips that you need to know when choosing a mover.

    • Always look on the Internet for customer reviews.
    • Check the Better Business Bureau for reviews and the company’s rating.
    • Be sure to contact companies with an A+ rating.
    • The credibility of a moving company can be acquired by reading first hand reviews, and obtaining references from people who have actually used their service before.
    • A reputable mover will have valuation protection plans.
    • Remember to request for details on the protection options, and what is covered and what is excluded.
    • Make sure the mover has a Workers’ Compensation Board certificate. If the moving company does not have this certificate and someone is injured during the move, you may be responsible for paying for it.
    • Never try to move on your own because you are not protected if items are damaged along the way. In fact, your valuables and belongings are insured with a moving company, offering protection plans.
    • Request for the moving company for their license number and check its validity.
    • Most reputable movers belong to professional associations that have criteria for membership.
    • Disreputable movers will provide a low ball estimate in which they will start adding charges and inflating prices on moving day.
    • Always do the followings to get a perfect estimation that fit within your budget:
      • Have the moving company come to your location for an estimate.
      • Show the movers everything that needs to be moved and packed.
      • Have at least three companies bid for your move and get them to send you a formal quote in writing.
    • A reliable moving company has a number of tools to ensure that the job gets done properly. Make sure to get information about their available tools so that the moving process can be done properly.
    • Moving can actually be very complicated because it involves belongings from one destination to another.
    • Make sure the moving company has a detailed set of procedures when it comes to delivering your furniture to the desired location.
    • Never hire any moving company that seems disorganized because this would only lead to a stressful moving out.

Moving Company

Make sure to do a bit of research before you decide on which company to hire to move your things. The most effective method is generally to get testimonials from real customers of the company you would like to use as well as a referral from a friend who has utilised the services of a moving company. Never simply hire moving company that offers you the lowest fee in the market.

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