Household: On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner Cleans Gently & Effectively

I always find it is time consuming to clean my kids’ shoes especially when they need to wear it on the next day. I even looked for some alternatives including using toothpaste to remove the stains which I find this is quite expensive alternative to clean up the shoes. So, I went looking for this shoe cleaner on Lazada and stumbled upon this On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner. The price is the main attraction as it is really affordable – RM25.00 for 2 bottles of 100ml each.

On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, and does not contain toxic ingredients. It kills 99% of germs in the process, leaving the shoes clean and free from bad odour. On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner is safe for you and your family!


On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner is a gentle foaming solution that effectively cleans and conditions. It does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is 98.3% natural, anti-bacteria, completely bio-degradable, and safe to be used on materials such as leather, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh, and more.

Cleaning and stain removal for materials: Leather, vinyl, PU, PVC, rubber, mesh.

Contents: 100ml per bottle


I had low expectation for this product prior this but to my surprise, this cleaner works fairly well. It really deal with tough stains and dirt to keep my kids’ shoes in tip-top form. It is sure unavoidable to see the kids’ shoes get dirty after they returned from school. This On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner never let me down. It has this faint lemon scent which I find it is refreshing. The foaming stain remover keeps the shoes in perfect conditions and looking great! This is absolutely economical shoe saving solution!

The process is really simple. I just need a cloth (preferably wet cloth) and small brush (I use toothbrush). Pump out ample amount of the product, and use brush to remove all the stains and dirt. The product will foam which makes it easier to remove all the dirts. It can be rinse-off with water or just wipe-off the excess with a wet towel. This is really helpful especially when I need a quick fix.

On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner can remove stains, grime, and even salt stains with ease. It is perfect for cleaning any type of material that is washable. Since it is non-toxic, you can actually use this On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner on more than just shoes. You can always keep your shoes looking great and extend their life with this great On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner.

This On”Goin Professional Shoe Cleaner does not contain dye to ensure that you do not stain your shoe when cleaning. In fact, a 100ml of cleaning solution can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes with ease. This formula is strong enough to get rid of stubborn stains and dirts. It will clean all kinds of shoes including hiking boots, sneakers, and running shoes safely.

My Verdict: Definitely going to purchase this again!


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