Review: Harpic Power Plus Cleaner – Original

The first thing that I would look into is the cleanliness of the toilet. Yes, that’s the first place where most people would make their first impression about the cleanliness level of the house. In fact, I hate dirty toilet (especially toilet bowl), and I wouldn’t mind having myself to turn the toilet into squeaky clean! Anyway, I’ve been spending time cleaning all 3 bathrooms these few days and my favourite toilet cleaner is Harpic Power Plus Cleaner! This has been my loyal helper ever since I changed from Mr. Muscle.

What They Say

Harpic Power Plus is the most powerful liquid toilet cleaner, for when you need a truly deep clean above and below the waterline. The powerful formula clings to the bowl to attack all germs, effectively eliminate limescale and remove stains, helping to give your toilet its deepest clean.

  • Most powerful toilet cleaner (compared to the rest of the Harpic range),
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (such as E.Coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella),
  • Removes 100% limescale,
  • Freshening fragrance,
  • Clings to attack stains, and
  • Cleans above and below the waterline.

Harpic Power Plus

What I Say

It can be pretty hard to remove the patch of limescale in the toilet even with usual cleaner. Thus, I decided to try Harpic Power Plus which I bought from Giant Hypermarket. Frankly speaking, the smell is not something that you would love to smell – It stinks a lot! I usually pour the liquid cleaner and leave it for an hour before cleaning it just to disinfect everything. The stench is very strong but I love the fact that it really removed the horrid dirts after a few squirts around the toilet bowl.

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