Here are Some Reasons To Fall in Love with McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger

McDonald's Korean Spicy Burger

I’m not a fan of spicy burger and I actually had my own ‘nightmare’ with McDonald’s Rio Burger because it’s way too spicy for my taste. I bought 2 sets of McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger at Sulaman McDonald’s Drive-Thru (next to Menara Tun Mustapha there). after I attended an event at Suria Sabah last Saturday because I was so hungry. Tapau-ed for Mr. Hubby, too.

I was so curious after watching their advertisement, as well as excited because I have been a hardcore fan of anything related to Korean. Since it is limited edition (seasonal-based product), you need to try having a bite because it’s is so delicious, especially when you love spicy food. Yes. Just like other people who have tried this burger before, it’s spicy.

McDonald's Korean Spicy Burger

This is how it looked like. Black charcoal bun. I think I’d prefer to have black charcoal bun over the usual bun after this. It tasted better than the white one. Mr Hubby got a nice one because mine was a disaster. Yup. Everything was not in order. Messy. Sayur dia semua termuntah keluar.  I was tad disappointed with the presentation. Maybe I should check the burgers before I leave the counter next time. Manatau diorang bilang I was cheating or burger jadi begitu rupanya because I was driving on a gravel lane. ROFL

McDonald's Korean Spicy Burger

Despite of its awful look, I braced myself and munched down the burger. My first impression about the burger was the presentation was awful. The taste, however, is the most delicious and spicy one. I actually loved this taste over Rio burger. Minta maaf kepada yang minat Rio Burger sebab sia rasa ini yang lebih sedap sikit, probably about 15% lebih sedap.

McDonald's Korean Spicy Burger

McDonald's Korean Spicy Burger

The chips were so crispy, as if I was eating potato chips. Irresistible. I hope McDonald’s will continue to serve this chips. The drinks? We got Coke only. So sad. No Frozen Fanta. 🙁 Overall, McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger is what you should grab before it’s gone soon. It’s a limited time offer, after this, there will no longer be #SoDrama. Definitely going to order again soon because the burger will only be available on 10th August, 2017. So Laku wor. However, I will order from other McDonad’s restaurant. Inda mau lagi dapat burger yang muntah sayur-mayur dia. Bikin mati mood mau makan bah tu.

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