Health: Why I Love Shopping for Healthy Snacks from Signature Market

Signature Market is an online company that offers a great option of healthy snacks at affordable price. All snacks include nuts, dried fruits, and organic products. All of their products are sourced in are high quality and accommodates to the customer needs. Signature Market offers snacks which have a shorter shelf life because all the products are free from artificial and preservatives.

This is my first time placing order from Signature Market after my friend recommends me to try placing order from this online shop. Prior this, I usually buy my snacks from Tong Hing, and City Grocer. However, the only thing which I dislike is I need to go through all the traffic jams and difficulties of getting a parking space. All thanks to online shopping because it has made my life really easy – no need to get mad because of traffic jams and no parking. I can now shift that problem to the delivery man. LOL!

I noticed that Signature Market is vegetarian-friendly and have a line of vegan products in their collection to choose from! They also offer snacks for kids and babies – very convenient! So, the best thing about this place – Signature Market, lies on the nuts.

I actually love for their nuts. Every nuts come from different countries in which they state them most of it at their website page. Signature Market has been sourcing the nuts from a variety of suppliers to develop their snacks, and most of them are products that contain imported ingredients. The most interesting part is their trail mix product line in which all the nuts are mixed and baked by their production team to ensure that they taste fresh and crunchy.

The packages are really well-designed – soft and resealable zip. I find this is really good as I can simply put it into my bag. In other words, travel-friendly. The price is also affordable that I don’t mind to allocate RM200 for a box full of wholesome goodness. Plus, it can last for a month depending on what kind of snacks that I buy. *Teehee*

What snacks that I got this time? I actually got myself all of these:

  1. Walnut Trail Mix (RM16.00)
  2. Organic Chia Seed (RM14.00)
  3. Cranberry Blackcurrant Mix (RM14.00)
  4. Energy Booster Trail Mix (RM16.00)
  5. Healthy Nut Mix (RM16.00)
  6. Antioxidant Boost (RM16.00)
  7. Natural Peppermint Leaves (RM15.00)
  8. Roasted Pistachio in Shell Salted (RM14.00)
  9. Low Carb Mix (RM16.00)
  10. Black Truffle Salted Egg Potato Chips (RM20.00)
  11. Finest Crunchy Almond Biscotti (RM16.00)
  12. Salted Vanilla Cashew Crumble (RM16.00)
  13. Superior Pure Matcha Powder (RM15.00)

Don’t get confused with the name especially when it has ‘salted egg’. It is delicious and I love having it as a snack especially when the Natural Peppermint Leaves is a great one as I can easily make peppermint tea to calm my mind as well as to reduce my blood pressure / hypertension. I guess being toiled up with works do have its drawbacks.

For those who are living in Sarawak, it is advisable to shop using this link – Why? It’s because to save on the shipping cost. You can find more about Signature Market here.

There are varieties to choose from and they are cheaper than what you can find in the brick-and-mortar shops. If you are looking for a place to buy your healthy snacks without having to get stuck in the traffic jams, I would recommend you to shop at Signature Market.

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