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For those how have been to Tamagawa Onsen which is located in the Southwest of Japan Towada Hachiantai Park, you might have know that it is a famous place for those who are seeking to cure their long-term illness such as cancer (Read: For many Japanese cancer patients, a trip to Tamagawa Onsen offers one final hope). It’s a famous place for Japan’s large population of oncology patients to seek out alternative treatments. In fact, bookings for treatments in the Tamagawa Onsen may need to be made one year in advance! However, you no longer have to travel as far as Japan to get yourself such treatment because the healing power of Tamagawa Onsen and natural Bedrock Therapy can now be enjoyed here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Yunohana Wellness

I’ve recently went to get my facial and body treatment at Yunohana Wellness which is located at Kota Kinabalu. The spa is strategically located just behind Open University Malaysia (OUM) building. I actually didn’t have the problem to find the place especially with the help of the GPS system installed in my car. Frankly speaking, their huge signboard plastered made it easier for me to reach there.

I was greeted by their friendly staff and brought to a spacious relaxing room. My weight as well as BMI, Body Fat, and height were taken before I was asked to drink at least 350ml of negative ionized water. Then, they brought me into a room to check for nailfold capillaroscope test. It was a great experience to learn something of how nailfold can tell a person’s health level. After that, I was briefed by the Manager, Ms. Angela, about Hokutolite and what Yunohana Wellness have to offer. It was an interesting one because I had only thought the Japanese loved getting into the sauna to relax. Besides, I become interested with some of the products because I was thinking of getting some of the products for my Grandma.

Yunohana Wellness

About Negative Ionized Water from Yunohana Hokutolite Energy Water Spirit

It lowers the oxidation-reduction potential and reduces the size of water molecule for a better cell absorption. It is added into drinking water and each cubic centimeter releases up to 2000 Negative Ions. Improve the quality and texture of your drinking water with Yunohana Hokutolite Energy Water Spirit. It is convenient and can be carried in bottles!

Yunohana Wellness

Yunohana Wellness

After having a nice conversation (and briefing by Ms. Angela), I was asked to take a shower with Yunohana Hokutolite Shower Head which eliminates 100% Chlorine and it turns hard water into soft water! It was a nice one and very relaxing. I was thinking of getting one, too! I was given a comfortable kimono and disposable underwear for me to change into after shower. They also provide locker to store my belongings while enjoying being pampered at Yunohana Wellness.

Some of the features of Yunohana Hokutolite Shower Head includes:

  • Calcium sulphite filter: Eliminates chlorine and heavy metal residue.
  • Hokutolite stone: Reduce free radicals, prevents black spots, improves wrinkles.
  • Far Infrared Ray: Improve blood circulation, anti-bacteria.
  • Negative Ion: Soften cuticles, increases alkalinity of water.

Yunohana Wellness

Yunohana Wellness has three (3) different therapy rooms for their client’s convenience. They would like to ensure that every one of their clients experience the most relaxing spa whenever they come to Yunohana Wellness. I was brought into a private room for 1 person with a dome-shaped Bedrock Therapy. I was so intrigued with the equipment since I had never met such before. I felt as if I was going to sleep in a time-machine.  😆

Yunohana Wellness

Yunohana Wellness

Yunohana Bedrock Therapy (45 Minutes)

Bedrock Therapy is a ‘dry bath’ method as known to the Japanese. The therapy uses natural precious energy and warmth which Hokutolite Stone gives you optimum health and beauty from inside out, as well as increasing immunity. One of the many benefits of Yunohana Hokutolite Bedrock Therapy is to balance blood sugar level! Thus, it is very suitable for diabetic patient.

Yunohana Bedrock Therapy is using warmth and energy (Hokutolite Energy, Negative Ion and Far Infrared Ray) to penetrate into our body to excrete heavy metal and toxin, and releasing excess sugar level in the body. Thus, it features these five (5) benefits:

  • Slimming: Increase in 1 of body temperature, metabolism increase by 12% 
  • Excretion of sweat and heavy metal: Low heat stimulates the brain to release accumulated heavy metal from sebaceous gland.
  • Increase in Immunity: Body temperature increase 1, immunity increase 6 times, otherwise decrease 30%.
  • Beauty: When body temperature reaches 40, heat shock protein is activated, repairs injured or dying cells. 
  • Anti-Aging: Reduces free radicals, repairs injured cells. 


Hokutolite Bedrock Therapy is one of the newest health trends emerging in Japan, and it involves sweating. As for my experience, I did not sweat for the first 10 minutes. My mind kept on wondering why I didn’t sweat. My therapist would enter into the room, and asked me to drink the tea. I actually had to drink 3 types of tea. I love drinking tea so much because it has more anti-oxidants and aids me with my sleep problem. So, most of the time during the therapy, I fell asleep (I hope I didn’t snore! OMG!). I only realized that I was sweating so much when my therapist woke me up. I could feel that my body was warm, and no cold feet and hands. I was not allowed to take bath after that because the energy stayed in my body for 8 hours. I admit that I didn’t take bath once I reached home, I only took my shower in the next morning. 😆

Yunohana Wellness

Yunohana Face Rejuvenation Therapy

After 45-minute of Bedrock Therapy, I was asked to sit on a bench just outside the treatment room to cool down. I was served with a cup of tea (oh yes! I love tea!) and some tidbits. The biscuits were delicious, anyway. Perfect pairing with a cup of hot tea. You would feel a bit hungry so it’s better to eat after the therapy.

Yunohana Wellness

This face therapy is an instant lifting and brightening with Hokutolite energy, and it includes the followings:

  • Cleansing with Yunohana Sakura Energy Cleanser
  • Yunohana Energy Yoghurt Mask
  • Face Massage
  • Face Detox and Unclog Meridian Points with Yunohana Ceramic Plate using Yunohana energy cream
  • Face Lifting
  • Hokutolite Energy Mask
  • Head Massage

Yunohana Wellness

It uses Hokutolite Energy Ceramic Plate which helps activate cells, unclog Meridien points and improves blood circulation. I actually love this facial therapy because it’s painless and very relaxing. Frankly speaking, I fell asleep when my therapist did the massage using Hokutolite Ceramic Plate. This therapy is good for those who would love to get V-shaped face, plumper, firmer, and glowing skin. In fact, the visible result can be seen from 1st session. Hokutolite Ceramic Plate is a natural 3-in-1 energy for face massage and face lifting and also pain relief for head, neck and other body parts. Definitely a nice therapy which does not only focus on getting flawless skin but also to ensure that the face looks ‘healthy’.

Yunohana Wellness

After I finished my facial treatment, I was served with a cup of warm tea and some tidbits. I went to change my kimono, and reminded that I should not take shower after treatment. Don’t worry. The sweat does not feel like the sticky and smelly sweat just like after we had our workouts. This is definitely a nice place to relax as well as enjoy the benefits from Hokutolite Stone. Oh, I even told my Uncle that I will bring them to Yunohana Wellness once they returned from the States. I’m sure they will love it (especially when it has something to do with Asian treatment). This is definitely a nice place to go. Totally recommended!

Yunohana Wellness

Last but not least, here are the benefits which (I think) you should know about Hokutolite Stone which is the core concept of Yunohana Wellness.

The Benefits of Hokutolite Stone:

  • Activation of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • Strengthens Immune System, and Speed up Metabolism
  • Anti-Aging, Skin Radiant, and Regulates Hormonal Functions
  • Body Slimming, Dissolves Body Fat, and Triglyceride
  • Balance Blood Pressure, and Balance Blood Sugar Level
  • Reduces Water Retention, and Reduces Swelling
  • Improves Bowel Movement, and Detoxification
  • Improves Blood Circulation, and Reduces Cholesterol Level
  • Improves Stress Tolerant, Body Fatigue & Muscle Rheumatism
  • Improves Chronic Arthritis, and Gout
  • Increases Muscle Strengths, Vitality, and Mental Stability
  • Increases in Oxygen, and Nutrients in the Cells

Yunohana Wellness

I would like to thank Stella Matilda for the recommendation, and thank you to Ms. Sterwina K, Ms. Angela, and my lovely therapist for giving me the best experience with Yunohana Wellness. I really love having my treatment there, and would definitely come again soon. Really soon!

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Yunohana Wellness Sdn Bhd
Address: Lot 11, Block D, Type A, Lintas Jaya Uptown, Jalan Lintas Kepayan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA.

Contact No.: +60 88 739 339


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