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Review: MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink – Strawberry

The market is already flooded with yogurt drinks, and each of them come up with key features to make sure that they stand out from others. Plain yogurt has a rich taste to it but not everyone can stand having a ‘plain’ one, thus, the market is served with different ingredients to the mix to make up for a lack of flavour and meet the demand. There are plenty to choose from, and the lower the fat content, the more ingredients there will be in a cup of yogurt. 

Anyway, the weather is quite hot today, and I’m too lazy to go out to have my lunch today. So, I have my favourite MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink in Strawberry flavour which I bought last night from Giant Hypermarket, and tuna sandwiches to pair with.

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink

What They Say

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink is delicious, healthier and specially formulated to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. It’s fat free, which makes for an all-round, guilt free indulgence. Packed with goodness of Live and Active Cultures and blended together with real fruit juice, it is a delicious and convenient way to get your daily boost of Probiotics for a healthy digestive system. It’s the healthier choice to quench your thirst!

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink is available in 6 popular flavours – Natural (New), Orange, Strawberry, Mixed Fruits & Vegetables with Wheatgrass, Mixed Berries and Mango.

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink. Goodness From Inside Out.

Storage Requirements: Keep Refrigerated (below 7°c)

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink

What I Say

This is one of my favourite flavours apart from Orange, and Mixed Berries. MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink – Strawberry has somewhat sweet-and-sour taste which I consider as acceptable compared to Mango in which I feel it’s too sweet for my liking. In fact, it contains no fat or cholesterol which is a major plus point especially for consumers with high cholesterol levels. Some people claimed that consuming yogurt on regular basis can bring clear complexion, but I’m not sure if it has effects on my complexion as I only take yogurt twice a week. That’s yet to be proven.

MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink

I find the price is affordable, and it can be purchased from major supermarkets, mini stores, and even 7-Eleven! It has various health benefits which include improving the digestive system, and it’s also great for people who are lactose intolerant (just like me) because MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink has less lactose than other dairy or milk products.

This is definitely a good choice to satisfy my sweet tooth!

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