Guardian BuzzAway Spray

Health: Guardian BuzzAway Insect Repellant Spray

I usually bring my kids out for a jog in the park because I’d prefer them to lead an active lifestyle rather than staying inside the house watching TV and playing with iPad. So, there are a few considerations which I need to take care especially when the kids are outside their home. First and foremost, living in a tropical country such as Malaysia, it’s impossible to avoid mosquitoes which every one of us would surely worried to have a red marks on the skin. Sometimes, it can be worst to the extent that it looked like a pimple. In order to ensure that my kids are always ‘safe’ when playing outside, I use mosquitoes repellant which I bought from the drugstores. This time, I tried Guardian BuzzAway Insect Repellant. Read more about what I have in mind. 

Guardian BuzzAway Spray

What They Say

Guardian BuzzAway Spray contains Wild Tomato Extract mosquito repellent ingredient (IBI-246) approved by EU and US EPA that is non-toxic and DEET-free with long lasting repelling effect up to 2 hours. It is also added with Lavender Oil. Suitable for family use.

What I Say

I bought a bottle of Guardian BuzzAway Spray from the Guardian because of the price which was the cheapest among all insect repellant on the shelves. This product comes in a plastic bottle with sprayable nozzle. It’s just a simple bottle with straight-forward packaging which includes the product name, brief description, ingredients, instructions of how to use, expiry date, and details of the manufacturer.

Guardian BuzzAway Spray

I was more attracted with the wild tomato extract in which I assumed that it contained more natural ingredients. I was quite worried with insect repellant that contains DEET. Beside that tomato wild extract, the lavender was also a great natural mosquitoes repellant which I always read that it won’t harm the skin. However, I was disappointed because this product had an awful smell. I though it would have a nice lavender smell. Alas, I got myself full with chemically awful smell which I decided not to put it on my kids.

Guardian BuzzAway Spray

In fact, it did not work as it claimed to be. I guess that wild tomato extract should not be included as spray instead because the smell was quite strong to the extent that my kids did not like it so much. I just threw it away because of the smell which was quite strong and it did not work as it claimed to be. My final verdict would surely – NOT RECOMMENDED.

Guardian BuzzAway Spray


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