Health: Get Rid of Stomach Bloating with Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes

Not every knows that Moringa is high in fibre and it helps to keep full for longer. The leaves contain antioxidant properties called chlorogenic acid that acts as a natural fat burner and also helps in balancing the blood sugar levels which is linked to the metabolism. Today’s post is about Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes which has helped me to reduce bloated or whenever I could not digest the foods I indulged in.

Moringa powder is highly nutritious and full of minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, moringa powder is great as an instant boost of energy as it is also rich in iron and magnesium that help in fighting tiredness and fatigue. Moringa is also packed with fiber that regulates the digestive functions and relieves constipation. Besides, the leaves also have a mild laxative effect. Moringa is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and may help in treating stomach ulcers and infections. It helps in the faster elimination of toxins from the body and support the liver in doingg so. Moringa has known to reduce glucose levels in the body which also makes it good for diabetics.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes
Here’s the comparison of 100g Moringa Dried Leaf with portion of the foods which we usually consume.

As for the skin, Moringa has been known to help firm up the facial skin and also help reduce wrinkles and blemishes. It is also used as an ingredients in a range of lip balms and lip care products as it is very moisturizing and retain the softness of the lips. Most of all, moringa acts as purifying the blood by removing toxins which promote clearer and healthier skin.


Iviora Moringa bioenymes is formulated by 5 elements (Enymes, Fibre, Prebiotic, and Anti-oxidants) with 4 unique progress (Digest, Detox, Restore and Rejuvenate). It contains Moringa Oleifera (The Miracle Tree) with 46 anti-inflammatory compounds, 18 amino acids, multi Vitamin, multi-Minerals, and other nutrients that can restore the natural immune and regenerative abilities of your body to fight against all kind of illness and disease. It also high alkaline that effective and efficient in balance body pH.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes is suitable suitable and safe to be consumed by adult and children above 12 years old. Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes formulation is clinically proven with natural and patented ingredients. It provides an optimum health benefits with combination of Moringa Oleifera Powder, 17 Digestive enzymes, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Bifidosbacterium Longum BB536, FOS, GOS, Konjac, Nutriose and Psyllium Husk.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes is safe for daily consumption because it is fully natural, caffeine-free, laxative-free, and without any preservative, artificial coloring. The production of every package of Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes is based on KKM guideline (Food Act 1983 & Food Regulations 1985).

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes


It gives 4 steps to your healthier body!


  • Helps to promote proper and healthy 17 digestive enzymes.
  • Inhibits the absorption of cholesterol and bile acid through intestine.
  • Improves intestinal environment and promote friendly bacteria such as bifidobacteria.
  • Enhance the ability in cleaning intestinal colon.


  • Promotes liver detoxification protection though urination (Detoxification I).
  • Helps in soften and improve bowel movement (Detoxification II).
  • Enhance detoxify toxins and unwanted chemicals from inside out, especially liver and kidney organ.
  • Gives healthier liver function, reduce risk of alcohol related liver disease, chronic hepatitis and gall bladder.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes


  • Improves nutrients absorption with excellent amino acids to the cells and restore body enzymes.
  • Promote healthy circulatory system and improve energy as well as stamina.
  • Increase body metabolism and develop a healthy body, liver and kidney for stronger immune system.
  • Balance up body pH.


  • Powerful antioxidant (ORAC) and improve delivery of oxygen to cells
  • Helps in rejuvenate and improve blood vessels.
  • Refresh the brain function entire body.
  • Slow down aging process and gives healthier skin.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes


I have always love the benefits of Moringa because I planted Moringa tree at the backyard of my home. I usually cook Moringa leaves with eggs or just fry with shallots. So, when I was introduced to Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes, I was skeptical because this product has been ‘transformed’ into another type of product. At first, I thought the taste would be bitter but the taste of Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes has a light sweet (and a little sour) taste. Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes has to be taken immediately since the texture will become thicker as the reaction happens.

I usually took 2 sachets a day, and this is my Day 3 of consuming Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes. Fear not! It does not lead to stomach ache. You will just feel you’re full. This is great to be taken during fasting month because it really acts as energy booster, and great for the skin, too! Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes is produced using natural ingredients and it is really suitable for vegetarians. It’s also caffeine-free and laxative-free which make it very good for health. I really feel more energetic than before. Moreover, Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes helps me with my diet. Oh, I’m in the middle of losing some weights, anyway.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes

The preparation is really simple. Just mix 1 sachet instantly with 150ml of water in room temperature. Never mix with hot water because this will affect the live bacteria. Stir until dissolve and drink immediately. Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes is perfect to be taken in the morning before having breakfast, I noticed that I don’t feel hungry even during lunch time (but I still take small bites of fruits or biscuits). However, as instructed by Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes, it supposed to be taken 1 – 2 times daily after meal, especially heavy meal, late dinner or supper at midnight as it can help you absorb oils.

Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes
I still have a few left. I just love this Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes! Definitely going to buy this again… Soon!



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