Review: APOTEC Chlorophyll Water 500ml

Chlorophyll might not be as tasty as green tea but this green pigment which can be found in leaves are used to prepare food through Photosynthesis. Most of these Chlorophyll are available in the form of liquid, powder, or tablets. There are tons of benefits of consuming Chlorophyll including reduces the risk of cancer, relieves digestive problems, and aids in weight loss. 

I’ve been taking Chlorophyll ever since my friend introduced to me to drink Chlorophyll because I always have digestive problems, and low blood pressure. There are significant results after taking Chlorophyll as part of my diet, and that includes my skin is getting better, clear, glowing, and youthful complexion from within. If you have large pores and pimples, just crushed a few tablets of chlorophyll and mixed it with rose water. Apply it on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and pat dry. It will shrink your pores and give you a clear skin! 

I recently bought APOTEC Chlorophyll drink from Lazada, and it’s a product. I’ve never heard of this brand before but decided to give it a try. I’m pretty impressed with the delivery as it was very fast. Here’s my review after consuming it for a month. I usually have it as my post-workout, and before I hit the bed. It can also heal wounds, rashes, and eczema but just applying directly on the affected areas. Apart from that, it helps to relieve menstrual discomfort and pain as well as helps me to reach my pre-pregnancy body faster.

APOTEC Chlorophyll Water

What They Say

The world today is heavily polluted due to intense anthropogenic activities. The accidental intake of toxins is inevitable in human as toxins are everywhere – the air, the water, and even the food. Although toxins are hazardous to health, these substances can be eliminated from the body through a few ways. Chlorophyll drink is one of the ways that that able to remove toxins from the body and subsequently regain a healthy body. Chlorophyll Drink is specially designed to reduce bad breath and body odor. It is effective in neutralizing pollution that we breathe in every day, and relieving heat from the body.

Main ingredients: Chlorophyll

Health benefit of chlorophyll:

  1. Promote detoxification and blood purification
    • Help to neutralize toxin caused by environmental pollution
    • Facilitate the degradation of toxic metabolites
    • Improve digestive system and bowel movement to discharge toxin through feces
  2. Act as deodorizer
    • Act as natural antiseptic to the intestinal tract Help to deodorize the bowel and entire body Reduce bad breath
    • Reduce urine, feces and body odor
  3. Assist in increasing blood counts
    • Help in red blood cells generation and hemoglobin production
    • Improve oxygen supply to cells
    • Cells are energetic and productive when there is sufficient oxygen supply
  4. Anti-oxidant and anti-aging
    • Help to scavenge free radical and reduce oxidative damage
    • Improve body’s natural free radical fighting ability
    • Help to inhibit lipid peroxidation
    • Support the body in maintaining healthy tissues
    • Help to delay aging process
    • Promote better skin condition and clearer complexion

Who should take chlorophyll?

  1. Individual who always eat outside
  2. Smoker or alcohol drinker
  3. Individual with constipation problem
  4. Individual who wishes to promote internal detoxification
  5. Individual with inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables
  6. Individual with bad breath and body odor
  7. Individual who always feel tired
  8. Busy and stressful people
  9. Anemic patient

Recommended dosage: Mix 25ml of Chlorophyll with 125ml of lukewarm water and stir well, drink before bedtime.

APOTEC Chlorophyll Water

What I Say

The bottle comes in an amber colored plastic bottle with a measurement cup. It’s pretty hard to see how much left inside. The liquid comes in a very dark green color, and it doesn’t have any smell, and it’s flavourless. I usually have it mixed with no-sugar grape or orange juice because I couldn’t stand gulping down the tasteless liquid.

I usually have Chlorophyll before I hit the bed, and when I workout. It actually cleanses and purifies the blood as well as boosts the oxygen content in the blood to make me more energetic. I can see the result in the first 2-week. My skin condition has improved. The breakouts I got during testing skincare products have now subsided. To my surprise that my skin looks more hydrated, water-like look. My mum also noticed that my skin has gotten better.

The Chlorophyll drink is also suitable to be taken during these hot days as it cools down the body heat as it provides more oxygen to the body. It also helps to curb my cravings for sweets. Just like Chlorophyll drink from Cosway, this Apotec Chlorophyll concentrated drink is also my favourite. It delivers the same results as the other brands of Chlorophyll.

APOTEC Chlorophyll Water

Tagged at MYR35.95, I think the price is affordable because I only mix 10 – 15ml with a 100ml water or juice. It’s best to consume as post-workout drink because it cools down the body. Make sure to activate your Shopback to earn Cashback when you buy APOTEC Chlorophyll. 

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