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H.Benjamin Residence: The Hidden Gem in Mesilau, Kundasang (Sabah)

There is a place where I love to go whenever I need some time to unwind myself. It’s not far from my place, just 30 minutes to drive from my office. This is the place where I love to spend whenever I want to give myself a space and time – away from the people, and away from the place where I ‘routinely’ go. Why this place has become my favourite place? It’s because I just love the background view – Mount Kinabalu. I can say this is the hidden gem in Mesilau, Kundasang.

H.Benjamin Residence: The Hidden Gem in Mesilau, Kundasang (Sabah)

I have always wanted to live in Ranau ever since I was 10 years old. Why? Because I hate traffic jams a lot, and *for Heaven’s sake* only my Dad understands that I can babble everything about living in Ranau. I even requested him to build a resthouse in Ranau when I was 15 years old. My Dad only gave me a short reply, “Go marry a Ranau guy.” I snorted, and have never asked him that kind of question anymore. Kotoh! Kana sebijik.

H.Benjamin Residence: The Hidden Gem in Mesilau, Kundasang (Sabah)

I guess my dream has come true because I have been stationed in Ranau since early this year. It’s a bit challenging but I’m so fortunate because I have colleagues and friends who are really supportive. Besides, I found my relatives who have been staying in Ranau for years now. Okay. Let’s stop talking about my life because this post is supposed to be about H.Benjamin Residence in Mesilau, Kundasang.

This hidden gem is located deep in Mesilau, you have to drive pass Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, Mesilau village, and Mt. Kinabalu Golf Club. This is the place where I love to go after office hour, and I would usually spend time having my dinner here. It can be quite cold in the evening. I would suggest that to bring your sweater or jacket along.

H.Benjamin Residence is a nice place to unwind because I find this place is not as crowded as other places that I went before. Moreover, I can spend time reading my favourite book without being disturbed. Since this is my favourite place to hang out, it is undeniably that I become a regular customer because even the staff know that I would ask for a glass of plain water.

H.Benjamin Residence: The Hidden Gem in Mesilau, Kundasang (Sabah)

Located at 1,700 metres above sea level at Mesilou about 102km from Kota Kinabalu, H.Benjamin Residence is a newly-opened 16-room hotel offering a quiet and comfortable stay to truly enjoy the natural settings and cool climate of the foothills of one of South East Asia’s highest peak. An open wooden deck brings you closer to nature and an ideal place to get a close up view of the majestic Mount Kinabalu on a clear day.

H.Benjamin Residence: The Hidden Gem in Mesilau, Kundasang (Sabah)

I haven’t got the chance to stay a night there because I would usually spend a few hours just to unwind myself and then return to Ranau after that. It is just a pitstop for me to ‘run away’ from the usual places that I see and meet every single day. Apart from that, H.Benjamin Residence is a nice place to take photos especially if you are in photography, or would love to get a nice photos for yourself. You can take photos for your engagement or wedding bah, but I guess you need to inform the management before doing that, too. Tidak juga diorang terkejut bah nantiKalau yang biasa-biasa tu, sia rasa ok juga bah tu ambil gambar.

Let’s talk about the food. H.Benjamin Residence offers both Western and local cuisine. You can choose from their menu. My favourite dishes would be Chicken Tom Yam because it has lots of vegetables in it. The service is fast and friendly. The presentation is acceptable, and the price is affordable, too.

H.Benjamin Residence: The Hidden Gem in Mesilau, Kundasang (Sabah)

If you would love to have a quiet and serene place, away from the hectic and noise, I would recommend to stay at H.Benjamin Residence. In fact, I noticed that most of the tourists who came to H.Benjamin Residence are either Taiwanese or Koreans. It’s quite rare to meet locals or Malaysians here. That’s why I’d prefer to stay here because nobody knows me, and I can always find some time to write my novel which has been on hiatus for few months now.

Till then. Do let me know where else you would love me to ‘discover’ in Ranau.

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H.Benjamin Residence
Address: Lot No D17, Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, 89309 Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia
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Location: N06°01′ E116°36′
Phone: +6(088)238 909 (Kota Kinabalu Sales Office), +6 016 8312688, +6 016 8861925

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