Game: Getting my Priorities Straight – When Pokémon GO Hits Sabah

Pokémon Go

With just 48-hour after its launching in Malaysia, Pokémon GO is a phenomenal, and everyone goes crazy to download the application because they wanted to try or don’t want to left behind the trend. I admit that I play Pokémon GO, too. However, there are a few things that make me wonder while playing this game. 

First, it can be very addictive. Finding Pokéballs and hunting those hiding Pokéballs can turn into addiction. I saw a group of youngsters was mingling around Alamesra last night, busy looking for the Pokéballs. One of them was carrying his tab, and it was large enough to see that he was playing the game. What if the kids are still studying? This would affect their performance in studies. How? Kids usually can get addicted to one thing especially when they find it’s so entertaining. In fact, they might spend more time looking at their tab or handphone trying to figure out if there are some tips or tricks to ensure that they can be as par as their friends or try to beat them. Furthermore, would you like to see them jumping out from the window just to go out with friends to hunt down the Pokémon? Nanti makin banyak laporan polis sebab orang inda balik rumah limpas 24 jam.

Pokémon Go

As an adult, I find playing Pokémon can be time and cost consuming. Why? I tried to find Pokéballs and hunting Pokémons last night with my husband as my driver. I found that there were tons of Pokéballs inside the malls, KK streets, religious centres, and so on. No Pokéballs available at residential areas (maybe ada sana tangki UA saja). Driving around means fuel burning, and you need money to re-fill your fuel tank. Tiada petrol, tiadalah bulih bergerak. Moreover, driving around means you need to forgo the time to spend with your loved ones because you’re busying yourself hunting down those little creatures.

Pokémon Go

For some people who wanted to hunt for Pokémon while driving, you know that it’s very dangerous to do so. Ask somebody to drive around. Your life is more important that the Pokémon. Think of your loved ones at home. Just be careful so that you won’t end up having to incur extra expenses due to Pokémon. Pay more attention at your surroundings, not just for Pokémon but do it for your own safety.

Pokémon Go

Having this entertaining game can be nice but I don’t think it would make me a healthy person, anyway. Why? Because I don’t walk while hunting down those Pokémons, but I asked my Hubby to drive around Kota Kinabalu, from Jalan Pantai to Gaya Street. He was excited about this game, too, but we later had a deep talk about the pros and cons playing with this game. I don’t know how long I would be playing this game but looking at my journals which I need for my PhD, I think there are other important things to do than hunting. I need to set my priority first. Kadang-kadang main bulilah…

Pokémon Go

There’s nothing wrong with Pokémon GO but we need to set our priority first so that we won’t end up as a total failure. Remember your loved ones, and take care of yourself. Play safe. Please be in total control (and in moderation) so that you won’t get this great app to be banned by the Government. Nobody wanted to have this banned, anyway.

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