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Human brain can be divided into 2 separate lobes called the right, and left-brain. Left-brain usually deals in linear fashion, thinks logically and follows the sequence, while the right-brain functions with emotion and performs tasks wholly as well as being creative, and intuitive. Both sides of the brain can be harnessed to its best while working on jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles are not novel because they have been around since 1700s which become educational tools targeting at children and adults alike. Children are usually introduced with the first jigsaw puzzles at an early age. These puzzles include a few large pieces and with colourful images. Research has shown that exposing children to blocks, jigsaw puzzles and other shapes toys can actually helps to develop their spatial skills which play a vital role in the development of spatial awareness when tackling science, and maths subjects.


According to American Psychological Association in Early Puzzle Play: A Predictor of Preschoolers’ Spatial Transformation Skill, ‘…when children were 4 years 6 months old, they completed a spatial task involving mental transformations of 2-dimensional shapes. Children who were observed playing with puzzles performed better on this task than those who did not. Among those children who played with puzzles, frequency of puzzle play predicted performance on the spatial transformation task…’

Moreover, researchers have found that people who have been doing jigsaw puzzles were fully active, lesser chances of getting Alzheimer’s, memory loss, dementia, and lead to a longer life span. Jigsaw puzzles also help to declutter the brain, ease the mind, and relax.


Jigsaw puzzles come in many shapes, styles, and materials. In fact, jigsaw puzzles are now available online which you can play for free at JSPuzzles. They offer a new free jigsaw puzzle every day so you can always start your morning with their free unique puzzles with a different theme. The best thing about this JSPuzzles is you can also create your own puzzle album to share with others from all over the world.


I love playing jigsaw puzzles at JSPuzzles because the website is built in a simple and minimalistic. The website is very straight-forward, leaving it to load faster than any other available jigsaw puzzle sites on the Internet. I can also choose the puzzles that I wanted to try from all over the world. They have everything that I want to try, with different themes every day. Besides, I can play numerous stock puzzles alongside user generated puzzles with their fun features.


If you love to challenge yourself by competing other players, you can always try to compete their time. Most jigsaw enthusiasts play at JSPuzzles because of the simple interface. In fact, you have the option to choose the level of difficultness. For instance, the puzzle is at the hardest level when it has 100 pieces to be solved. The easiest is 9 pieces. It’s mind-challenging, of course!

JSPuzzles has been on the Internet for almost 10 years now, and it has been my favourite place to declutter my mind. Basically, this is where I usually spend my 10-minute every morning and evening to release stress and train my brain as well as improve my co-ordination skills. It’s a good place to cure boredom, and forget checking the fridge for some snacks. If you’re on your journey to lose some weights and have a habit to munch down snacks when you’re bored, you should try playing jigsaw puzzles at JSPuzzles. You will forget the intention eating junk foods in no time which lead to losing some weights because you quit craving for some sweets and binge eating.

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