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Food: Tavern Kitchen & Bar @ Imago Shopping Mall Sabah

If you are still thinking where to enjoy your lunch with you friends or loved ones, you might want to try Tavern Kitchen & Bar because this place does not only serve as a bar but also a restaurant that has a wide range of food selection. It is a place to relax as well as enjoy some nice foods while enjoying nice music. I went to Tavern Kitchen & Bar last week, and I brought along my Manager a.k.a Mr. Hubby to help me finish the foods (because I’m not a big eater). Here’s what I think about Tavern Kitchen & Bar. It was my first time having my meal there, though.

Tavern Kitchen & Bar

About Tavern Kitchen & Bar
Tavern Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant and bar specialising in local and western cuisine. We offer unique local twists to timeless western food dishes to bring to you Sabahan flavours. Our restaurant only utilises the best local produce available in order to give you the best dining experience possible! Highly experienced celebrity chef Nicholas Pillai put together out carefully curated menu, with dishes that will tantalise taste buds and hit all the right notes!

The restaurant itself is designed by well-known interior designer Ben Firdaus of television fame. Ben is the host and interior designer of the Casa Impian show. Allow us to serve up classic favourites that incorporates a local twist; we will not be held responsible if you decide to order seconds! Or if you need to kick back and relax, check out our comprehensive list of cocktails that will surely keep you coming back for more. Tavern Kitchen & Bar offers delicious, freshly-made food and a welcoming ambience at inexpensive prices!
Tavern Kitchen & Bar

We were greeted by a friendly male staff upon arrival. He showed us our table and ensured that we were comfortable. Another female waitress then greeted us and gave us menu. She explained their latest menu and promotion. We were spoilt with choice when it comes to available options laid out. If you have no idea which food to have, always trust what they have recommended in the menu. You will never be disappointed with what they have picked for you, unless you are more adventurous type (like me) who would rather choose whatever from the menu.

The premise has a mixed of Asian and Western designs which we find rather interesting and unique. The outdoor bar reminds me of some best outdoor bars in Bangkok such as Breizh Crepes, and Craft. We loved the nice ambience especially nice music, even though there was no live music during the day. LOL.

Frankly speaking, one of their strengths lie on their hospitality. Their staff were very attentive. They would attend to the table after 5 minutes to ask for our order. They would even ask for opinion about the foods, and so on. It may be a hassle for some people but I find it was nice to have someone who asked about what we feel when we were having our meals. Bagus bah kalau ada orang yang balik-balik tanya apa macam tu makanan. Maksudnya diorang lebih interested untuk memperbaiki kelemahan sama tu servis makanan diorang. *Teehee*

We started with a Caesar Salad (MYR11.90). This simple salad which has been our favourite starter. It came in a small portion of baby Romaine salad with crouton and Parmesan cheese, and showered with their homemade Caesar dressing. It may sound a bit weird but we actually start with salad. Anyway, we really loved the salad because they are freshly served (very crispy, though).

I always encountered with banana smoothie which is too sweet for my tastebud. However, it was a different case when I had Banana Smoothie (MYR12.00) at Tavern Kitchen & Bar. It was perfectly blended that I couldn’t even taste the banana, and topped with a cream. Mr. Hubby went for a 1000ml of Infused Water of the Day (MYR8.00) for both of us because he know that we would end up looking for a water once we had our meals.

For main course, I had Milanese Chicken (MYR22.90), a breaded chicken with a bed of fresh salad and puttanesca sauce. It was delicious, and the portion is perfect (too!). However, it would be great if they could accompany with some mayonnaise, barbecue, Thai ‘sweet-and-sour’, or maybe a homemade dipping sauce. Mr. Hubby, on the other hand, decided to have Wide Striploin Steak in Beef Juice Sauce (MYR39.90). He personally loved the taste because the beef was so juicy and tender. The steak was served with grilled vegetables and fresh salads.

Dessert was Boom Boom Sizzling Brownie (MYR19.90), a chocolate brownie topped with a vanilla ice-cream and poured with chocolate sauce on a hot pan. It has been KK’s most favourite and ‘must-order’ which has been sold for over 200 plates weekly. The sizzling brownie was indeed a great dessert but it would be great if they would consider a coffee version of Boom Boom Sizzling Brownie, probably by using Tenom Coffee.

Mr. Hubby went to Vietnam before and he was really in love with the coffee and that’s why he wanted to try the coffee at Tavern Kitchen & Bar. I was a bit hesitant because I thought the taste would be so bitter (with a bit sourness). After a few minutes of ‘argument’ (he adamantly persuading me to try), I finally give in. also ordered a cup of Premium Trung Nguyen Coffee (MYR11.90), a Vietnamese traditional coffee using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Catimor beans with a hint of natural ingredients including cocoa. Its rich aroma is a must for coffee lovers. This is where we agreed that Vietnamese coffee is a perfect match with Boom Boom Sizzling Brownie.

Tavern Kitchen & Bar is a great place to relax and the perfect place to laze away on weekend. Whether you are there for just a few cool drinks with friends or a feast with your family and friends, you won’t be disappointed! This restaurant has it all: Perfect location, easy listing music, efficient service with attentive staff, cosy setting, a huge variety of menu choices. Lucky for us they have opened in Imago Mall which is easily accessible.

Tavern Kitchen & Bar

The best thing about Tavern Kitchen & Bar is they offer free delivery service to nearby places such as KK Times Square, The Loft Condo, Riverson, and Gleneagles. This service is made available from 11am to 10pm everyday with a minimum order of MYR20 only. All you have to do is to choose something from their menu which is available on their website. Then, call/Whatsapp them at 012-5860093 or 088-275031. Last, wait for your delivery and pay cash. Simple, right?

Tavern Kitchen & Bar

We really had our enjoyable moment at Tavern Kitchen & Bar. We would like to thank Ms. Amy for the invitation. Definitely a place for family and friends. We will return again soon, and bring along our family (especially our Uncles from the States). Great place. Great food. Great service.

Tavern Kitchen & Bar

Opening hours: 10am – 12 midnight (Monday – Sunday)
Location: Lot G-93, Aramaiti Street Walk, IMAGO SHOPPING MALL, KK Times Square Phase 2, Jalan Coastal, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Call/Whatsapp: +60-12-5860093

Tavern Kitchen & Bar: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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