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Dayve Rampas

Fitness: LushProtein – My Current Favourite Sports Nutrition

Some people asked me what’s my fitness goal because they find it’s difficult to see me participate in any sports events. I don’t have the intention to be strong enough to lift weights 100 kilos or be able to complete a full marathon. I believe we all have our own personal fitness goal, and we shouldn’t follow what others are doing. My fitness goal is to be strong enough to carry my kids, and be able to chase them when they want to have fun with me. In short, I want to be fit and strong enough for my family.

I was asked by a friend about what I usually consume before and after workouts. I can be very picky when it comes to supplementing my body with nutrients that would maintain my body. A friend asked me which supplements are good for weight loss. First of all, no supplements can guarantee you to lose weights without proper diet and exercises. The supplements are your secondary ‘assistants’. Your primary ‘assistants’ are diet and exercises.

When we talked about diet, it’s not about starving yourself. Diet is ‘eating in smaller portions’ and you know the amount of carbs, fats, and sugar that you need to fuel your body. I’m not a dietician but I did ‘trial-and-error’ when I was trying to get my pre-pregnancy body back. I’m still learning to understand how my body functions until now. Frankly speaking, my favourite nutrition brand is LushProtein.

Why LushProtein? I first heard about this brand from my guy friend who is also a fitness freak. So, he persuaded me to buy a pack of Maca Powder and Matchawhey. I admit that I love having both of these after that. In fact, all LushProtein products are developed and formulated in-house to their exacting standards – sustainably sourced and free from unwanted additives fillers, additives and junk. Moreover, they are affordable and easy to bring along as they are packed in a resealable pack. Unlike other online stores, LushProtein also offers the cheapest shipping fee, which is MYR 13 for East Malaysia.

Is it OK to consume LushProtein? You can actually check here if you’re worried with LushProtein product.


I’m currently taking Wheatgrass Powder which is high in antioxidant, fibre and rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll. It’s great for skin, if you’re looking for a superfood that would make you look younger and glowing. The taste is acceptable, anyway. I usually mix it with my orange juice. LOL! I also consume BCAA 2:1:1 before, and after I had my workout to support my lean muscle growth and recovery. Don’t worry. This won’t make you bulky, just in case you’re having the feeling that BCAA is for bulking. LOL!


LushProtein has a few supplements that support weight-loss, too! You can try Raspberry Ketones and Apple Pectin if you’re caffeine intolerance. You can also find some other weight-loss supplements from LushProtein such as Garcinia Cambogia, Konjac Root, Acai Berry, and Ginger. They have more products to suit your need – Strength & Mass, Wellness, and Endurance.

Here’s a coupon code which you can use: GWA942. Just key in the code to receive $5 off your first purchase! Check it out @ LushProtein today!


p.s. You can also head to MadNutrition Sabah, if you cannot wait to get your LushProtein.

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