Fitness: How I Get My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

First and foremost, congratulations on your newborn baby! Yay! Being a mother is the greatest gift from God. I’m just like you, a mother, and I understand how painful to watch ourselves carrying the cute paunch. My advice is to take it easy especially when you gave birth via C-Sect. Although I may not have the experience of C-Sect because I gave birth through spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD), I can understand the pains you need to endure especially post-delivery. Take time for your body to heal, dear.

I have friends and relatives who have been asking me how I got my pre-pregnancy body back within 3 months on social media. As I mentioned earlier, I gave birth to both of my kids through normal delivery, and this article should apply to those who have normal delivery or those who are looking forward to get their pre-pregnancy body back. I’ve decided to write this post as many of them have been asking me whether I’ve been consuming slimming pills, or hit the gym like crazy. LOL! That’s funny.

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First, always believe in what your grandmother/mother told you. When I said I ‘tie’ my stomach shortly after giving birth means I wrapped my stomach using cotton sarong/saree for 30 days. The function is to give support to the abdominal organs and muscles. I don’t use maternity belt or modern corset because it’s inconvenience during hot and humid climate. The modern method might be nice as it’s easier to wear compared to the traditional method. However, too much pressure on the abdominal can cause uterus to bleed. I know it’s very uncomfortable to have tummy wrapped for 24-hour. No exercise during that 30 days, I only do Kegel, and breastfeeding. Consult with your gynae before wrapping your tummy especially if you’ve given birth through C-Sect.

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Second, I have my Tumblr accounts which function as my place for fitness motivation. You can still check my 1st and 2nd post-pregnancy journey. You can set up your own blog/Instagram/Facebook with realistic time lines for each 5 pounds you wanted to lose. I do have some tweets from particular people who called me ‘Pig’ or ‘Walking Skeleton’ saved on my hard disk. These tweets have been my source of motivation to reach my goal. You can ask your husband to write some nasty or rude remark on a piece of paper but don’t punch him on his face once you read it. Remember, success is your best revenge.

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Third, I don’t transform myself into a vegetarian in order to lose all those stubborn fats. Understand what your body needs, not because other people lost so much weights after turning themselves into a vegetarian or vegan. Frankly speaking, I’m a hypotensive and I have been advised to take moderate amount animal products in order to get ample nutrients for my body. You don’t have to turn yourself into a ‘green-eater’ just to lose fats. Just eat moderately. A serving that is easily fit in the palm of your hand. You need to be strict when it comes to your favourite foods.

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Fourth, Never follow the fads. There are some times where certain workouts are famous. I did Tabata, and Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo a month after I gave birth. It started with a 15 minutes workout for the 1st week, then increased to 30 minutes for the following weeks. While everybody was doing Insanity, I stick with the ‘not-so-famous’ workouts which I found over Youtube. I did my cardio workouts 6 days a week. I take selfies on regular basis to keep track of my progress. And, I don’t consume supplements to lose weights because I don’t want to rely on these supplements.

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Fifth, never insult or even bad-mouthing other people who are larger than you. Whenever you have friends or someone you know who are trying hard to lose weights, offer the moral support. Be happy when other people managed to lose weight. Calling other people as ‘Pig’ or ‘Elephant’ will make it’s hard for you to achieve your goal. Keep your lips sealed if you have nothing nice to say. They may not hear what you said but God heard you, and He has already passed the blessings to the person that you ‘hated’ so much. Be grateful, be thankful, and stop comparing. Being sarcastic doesn’t help your reach your goal, either.

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Sixth, it’s not necessary to hit the gym just to lose fats. You can always do workouts at home. I’ve a neighbour who asked me how I got my pre-pregnancy body back without having to go to the gym. I shared my tips, and she got her pre-pregnancy body back within 5 months. She was 70kg after delivery, and now kicking at her 55kg. She’s so excited that she can even fit in her old baju kurung. You don’t need to hit the gym if you don’t have somebody to babysit your kids at home, or you’re trying to save money for the family. If you have a personal trainer or fitness instructor, respect them as your friend. Never say bad thing about them if you failed to lose fats. You will find it’s easier for you to reach your targeted goal when you respect other people.

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Seventh, be happy and stop comparing yourself to others. I know this might be silly but you’re wasting your time and energy if you keep on comparing and competing with your ‘rivals’. In fact, I compete with myself. I compare with the old me. I know myself very well, and I love myself now than the old me.

I’m not a fitness instructor but I’m all about ‘trial and error’. If you’re thinking that I might reveal what I consume to lose weights, well, I have to say that I’m sorry because you won’t find it here. Most of the products I tested before don’t give me the results which I’m looking for. You can read my review on API Fat Burner here.

Feel free to drop me a message here, and I will answer your question in my next blog. Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps.

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