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Plastic surgery may be a taboo subject for some people but it actually has benefits, and it has become norm. Studies suggested that improvements to appearance increase self-confidence because such positive improvements make people feel good and willing to try certain activities or new things. For instance, people who seek body contouring such as tummy tuck or liposuction have more confidence to try wearing certain types of clothing. Besides, post-surgery  motivates the person to maintain their appearance such as ensure themselves to have healthy diet and exercise program to keep their weight in check.

There are various reasons why more people choose to undergo plastic surgery. Basically, plastic surgery is done to improve the physical appearance especially for those who have been disfigured due to accident, birth defect, illness or severe wound. The plastic surgery is the only hope which will reduce the difficulty, suffering, and embarrassment of the individual in order to survive in this society who would make judgement based on physical appearance. In some other cases, people who are lack of self-confidence on themselves would undergo plastic surgery to enhance their attractiveness.

Plastic surgery was originally done on the deceased by the Ancient Egyptians. They believed that the person’s physical look when it was buried would look the same in the afterlife. It was done for important people by making their prominent features stand out by using common techniques such as insertion of bones, and putting bandages into nose, cheeks, or stomach.

While plastic surgery involves procedure that change the look from the original, more people are doing it because it becomes a trend and it really creates job or business opportunity for them especially when the job requires them to look attractive physical appearance. For instance, rhinoplasty that changes the size or shape of the nose may make one appear more attractive thus giving higher chance to get job opportunity. According to Huffington Post, a person’s physical look plays important role whether or not an employer to hire them during a job interview.

The face is actually the primary focal point and more people are concern with rejuvenating their skin and turn back the clock so that they can look youthful. In fact, plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery have always been the most sought after as the procedure improve facial contour, hide imperfections, and erase creases as well as reduce sagging skin that lead to aging look.

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