Experience: How I Earn Money From Wealthy Affiliate

Experience: How I Earn Money From Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re thinking that it’s impossible to make money online, then you should consider this. We have many online shops and these people are ditching the rental fees as they are cutting more costs. You can see that most people doing their business on the Internet as part-time job. Yes. The Internet has been a place for money making. However, how many of us could withstand competing with each other, offering the same products? Some would take up to a level where they would badmouthing other sellers. Again, Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) marketing is very powerful, yet it can crush a business within seconds. 

While we always look for other methods of making money online such as Forex trading, earn from sharing, PPC, etc. There are the need for us to gain more knowledge of how to earn money online. You cannot simply jump into something that you’re not familiar with or you will end up losing more. In fact, I’m not going to write about easy system to riches or pyramid scam. Let’s discuss about Wealthy Affiliate University. I’ll make it short and straightforward.

The Wealthy Affiliate University or WA is an online business community and a marketing training center. You will not earn money by simply joining WA. The program promises to train, teach, support, and educate you to start and run a successful business. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a business, how to expand a business and take it to the next level. Knowledge is a powerful thing. If you educate yourself in things that you are passionate about and that you can ‘apply’ towards your journey to success, you can achieve big things!

I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate University since 2010 (but had to re-register as I lost my email which I used to register with WA), while I was taking my Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). The best thing about WA is I can meet people from all over the world, and exchange our views about business. I once had three (3) online businesses (Lovely Chic Fashion, Ava Boutique, and Beauty Fashionista) which I earned monthly net profit of MYR 2,500. This is not a joke. I still earned that figure by keeping a minimal in-stock. I know there were people who were talking about me being a lazybump (harap duit bapak? Yeah, right). The power of online marketing depends on your knowledge about the ‘subject’.

While most of the topics focused on blogging, it’s not that hard to make a ‘twist’ on it because as long as it’s an online business, then you can always apply most of the elements to keep your business successful. I’m not talking about ‘keeping it running’ because having your business runs is fairly simple but generate income from the business is ‘not-as-easy-as-ABC’. Wealthy Affiliate is not only the focal product you are going to be promoting on your site, but it is the home of an unbelievable amount of blog posts, training resources, discussions and videos that can be leveraged on your website.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate does not only lie on the program but the interactivity between other people who are running their online business. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most interactive, helpful, and thorough platform anywhere int he world for building a business online. During my MBA years (I took my e-learning MBA from Asia E University after I had my 1st child), I didn’t even spend lots of times making revision and I still get an A for most of my subjects. The secret is Wealthy Affiliate. I spent more times reading their experiences, problems, and take time to study their cases. They’re all real-life cases. There are lots of discussions, lots of questions, lots of training tutorials, videos and courses. All of these ideas can be leverage not only for their ‘affiliate linking’ capabilities, but also for content ideas for your site.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than just a product. Unlike other available online training programs, Wealthy Affiliate is like a university for online business entrepreneurs. It has a wide range of updated guide or series of video tutorials. You will never have to wait for the owners, Kyle and Carson, to help you because the entire community itself has more than 300,000 members who are willing to help you! As I mentioned earlier, these people come from all walks of life with varying degrees of experience with internet marketing. The thing about online marketing is the system changes fast, what worked last year may not work today. Thus, it’s better to get latest information from these people. There’s no other online marketing ‘product’ you’ll find with that sort of support and community.

You’ll learn about:

  • Finding a niche market.
  • How to perform effective keyword research,
  • How to create a blog,
  • What to put on your blog,
  • Where to get free pictures from for your blog.

After a few years of doing online business, I’ve finally ‘retired’ as I’ve found another business. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate for supporting me. It’s a great to be able to have people who always support each others. As I’m battling with my Doctorate right now, I still join with the discussions on Wealthy Affiliate. The knowledge to create an income via your computer, again is easily accessible simply by going online and being a part of The Wealthy Affiliate University, the only online learning platform created for internet entrepreneurs.

How much do I need to pay to enrol for this program? The starter account is $0. In other words, Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. So, you don’t have to risk a dime of your hard earned income. It’s by far the most helpful, interactive community for online business on the market today, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to experience it for 100% free. That free membership is called their ‘Starter membership’ and it includes a lot. Free websites, hosting, support, training, tools and networking within the large community at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s all available to you as a starter member.

The followings are the benefits you could get even though you’re a $0 membership (because I’m also opt for FREE membership!):

  • Free access to video courses, tutorials, and training.
  • Free access to 14 interactive classrooms.
  • Free access to Certification Courses.
  • Free Access to Live Video Classes.
  • Thousand (and have been growing since 2005) members to connect with.
  • Live Real Person Help
  • Free access to industry experts.
  • A strict, and spam-free environment.
  • Free 2 domain names.
  • Free 2 websites.

Unlike other online training programs that would never let you cancel your membership, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to take full control of your membership. You can always cancel your membership at any time. No hassle.

If you can put in the work, Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve your own goals regardless of you age, race, education, or income level. You can learn how to do what I do. I suggest you to check out the free account here and see what you think for yourself. I know you will be very surprised by the community. Every marketing tool that you need is inside how to make money from the internet. Believe me, a year will come and go so fast, and if you haven’t done anything new to change your current situation then you’ll be exactly where you are today.

You can always change your car like you change handphone with the knowledge you gained from being part of Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, you don’t have to mention on Twitter how hard a life can be and some people are still lazing around waiting for the parents to give them money. You can always get the same ‘treatment’ like me. Why do you need to get envy if you can always work it out. I’m revealing my secret so that you can change your car like changing handphone, and keep positive vibes on your Twitter (every hour). *Teehee*

My advice would be to just give it a go for FREE. The reality is, the only one that will ensure you will succeed is YOU.


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