Drama: Ugly Alert (못난이 주의보)

I’ve been watching Ugly Alert (못난이 주의보) since 2 weeks ago, and I truly enjoyed this wonderful drama, yet one of the best drama I’ve watched this year because it’s packed with reality about life. Frankly speaking, it really makes me cry whenever I watch Gong Joon-Soo (Im Joo-hwan) has to endure the blames and hardships even when he was just a kid. 

We usually become a family because of our parents though we live in a different world. Yet, we sometimes look down on other family members, or get jealous of other family members for certain reasons. The time heals all the wounds and family gets back together. This drama is all about a man, Gong Joon-Soo, who has to go through sacrifices because of he feels guilty towards the family. Then, he found love that changed his perspective about life.

“Even if we leave now because we feel wronged, it’s a display of irresponsibility. When we are situated in a tense situation like now, I don’t want to leave and be irresponsible.” – Gong Joon Soo

I’m not interested with romantic things in any drama but this drama always put a connection between each plots that it drains me with emotions. This is so daebak! It has great storyline, characters, and outstanding casts. I guess this is the first family drama with more than 100 episodes that made sense. I never thought of wanted to skip any of the scene.

If you’ve not watched it yet, you may watch the current running episodes at ASTRO ONE HD, or just watch it here at DarkSmurfSubs.com.

“When you’re in front of me you don’t have to think so much. If you want to cry, then cry. If you want to smile, then smile. Because you’re in front of me, you can let it all out…” – Gong Joon Soo

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