Drama: Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예)

I have always loved watching Asian dramas especially Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese. It’s hard to break this so-called habit as I started developing this when I was in high school, as my ‘antidote’ for stress-reliever. Japanese Drama (J-Dorama) was my favourite back then especially when it has Takuya Kimura, Matsu Takako, Kyoko Fukada, Noriko Fujiwara, and Yutaka Takenouchi.

I have a bad habit of watching dramas while doing my revisions, or studying for final exam. A few of my coursemates during my 1st degree were really shocked to discover that I have this bad habit. Anyway, I find learning is really fun when there’s something I need to watch. Maybe there’s a need to conduct a research study on the effects of watching dramas while studying or maybe I’ve already missed those researches are actually exist. Okay, I need to stop with this rant because once I start this, you will never get to read this review.


I was pretty occupied with my thesis as my supervisor has just reviewed my draft, and there are lots of things to be done before I will have to fly to Kuala Lumpur (or somewhere else) to meet her. She’s a nice supervisor, indeed. Okay. So, I was watching Madam Antoine (the one with Han Ye-seul and Sung Joon in it) when I asked my cousin, Cheryl C, about some Korean songs to download. So, she told me I should watch Descendants of the Sun because it’s a really nice melodrama Korean drama with Song Joong-ki, and Song Hye-kyo. I’m a big fan of both actors, and my first ‘meet’ with Song Joong-ki was when he made an appearance in the variety show, Running Man.


If you yet to watch the drama, it was about a love story between Captain Yoo Shi-jin (Song Joong-ki), the captain of the special forces, and Doctor Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo). They first met in the emergency room (ER) with some misunderstandings lingered between these two. They later decided to go out but Mo-yeon later dumped Shi-jin because she was expecting a normal relationship which Shi-jin couldn’t offer and he always left Mo-yeon while they were watching the movie. Due to the UN’s request, they were stationed in Urk. Their love blossomed there, and there were scenes where Shi-jin got rejected from Mo-yeon… Thrice! And that was after Shi-jin kissed her when she was having a bottle of wine, literally just wanted to taste the wine from Mo-yeon.


Mo-yeon’s feeling was later discovered when it was accidentally aired over the camp radio station in which everyone in the base camp heard her love confession. It was recorded when she was nearly going over the cliff into a picturesque ocean somewhere in Urk. She wanted to convey her final message to all the people that she loved, just in case she died in the accident. You need to watch this episode because it’s so damn hilarious. Just imagine your love confession was aired, it can be embarrassing especially when the person was there listening the confession.

“If I had known I would die like this, I should honestly confessed my feeling – I was kissed by an awesome man and my heart was fluttering the whole time.” – Kang Mo-yeon


It’s not the chemistry between the actors that makes me wanted to watch this drama; but the underlying messages in this drama. I love the witty and cheesy quotes including the definition of patriotism from different standpoints. In fact, the cinematography is also pleasing to the eyes, and the music is awesome! All thanks to my cousin for the recommendation!

“I fight for life but your fight to protect others through death.” – Kang Mo-yeon

“Guns aren’t like dogs, they don’t recognize their owners. If I shoot, you’ll get hurt.” – Capt. Yoo Shi-jin

“War is easy while peace is always an issue. Perhaps that’s why dictators always live long.” – Capt. Yoo Shi-jin

“Soldiers always live with a shroud on. When they die in a nameless land for the sake of their country, the place of their death become their grave and their uniform become their shroud. This should be every soldiers’ mindset everytime they put down their uniform. Therefore, be honourable at every moment – there’s no reason to fall short.” – Capt. Yoo Shi-jin

“I should avoid planning on watching a good movie when I’m on a date (with a guy) because I kept seeing articles about that movie and those article reminded me of you because that movie equals to Yoo Si-jin.” – Kang Mo-yeon

“I’ve been given the privilege to be a doctor, I faithfully pledge my life to serve humanity. The health and life of my patient will always be my priority. I will faithfully carry out my duties regardless of the patient’s race, religion or nationality. I will not use my knowledge inhumanely even when I’m under threat. I hereby take this oath on my account and on behalf of my honour.” – Kang Mo-yeon


There can be some scenes which I find quite dull that I had to skip forward the scenes. Anyway, I would say the overall story is awesomely made, and should not to be missed out. With those nice background songs, it really hard to resist the temptations to watch especially when the songs really matched with the scenes. For instance,the main theme song appears when it comes to ‘heart-stabbing’ parts. This drama really delivers all those empathies. There were scenes where Yoo Ah-In, and Lee Kwang-soo made an appearance. I love the bromance between Sih-jin, and Seo Dae-young (Jin Goo) which involves some hilarious scenes.


The drama doesn’t go around these two lovey dovey but it involves some political scenes, and (of course) I find there are some scenes in which the inherent messages were to state that South Korea has the most advancement in technology, and so on. It can be quite ‘boasting’ but I think any countries would claim to have such advancement and it’s quite understandable. I believe it’s another way to level up the patriotism, and motivate people to keep on serving for the country. I just wished the drama will reach to a very good ending even though it looked as if the drama would come to a very fateful ending.


To be frank enough… I can no longer wait to watch those 2 last episodes next week. I even told Mr. Hubby that I would like to spare my times ‘dating’ with this drama in which sent him with a ROFL. I actually told him that I’ve fallen in love with those Korean sculpted body, oh well, it’s just my message to tell him that I need him to work hard on his abs so that he wouldn’t end up like a walking skeleton. Anyway, you will see the soldiers show off their abs when they had their morning jog if you’re wondering how sexy these Korean soldiers in this drama. *drooling*

p.s. I’m sorry to say this but I think Shi-jin does resemble my cousin Ariffin Jr. a little (when he was young). LOL!

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