Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Deals:Buy Dove. Get Panasonic Hair Dryer for FREE!

Guardian is giving away Panasonic Hair Dryer (worth RM40) to all its customers who purchased RM45 worth of Dove range including Dove Hair product in a single receipt. Which Dove products that eligible you to get this hair dryer for free? 

Buy the following selected Dove products (at promotional price which valid until 1 September 2014) until you get a total of RM45 in a single receipt:

Usual Price @ RM2.80/each
  • Dove Bar Soap Go Fresh Fresh Moisture 100g
  • Dove White Beauty Bar Soap 100g
  • Dove Bar Soap Go Fresh Energizing 100g

Usual Price @ RM5.90/each
  • Dove Bodywash Gentle Exfoliating 200ml
  • Dove Bodywash Beauty Nourishing 200ml

Promotional Price @ RM6.88/each
  • Dove Treatment Conditioner Hair Fall 180ml

Promotional Price @ RM7.20/each
  • Dove Deodorant Roll On Original 40ml 
  • Dove Deodorant Roll On Unscented Silky Dry 40ml 
  • Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On Cucumber 40ml 
  • Dove Deodorant Roll On Unscented 40ml
  • Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Roll On Grape and Lemon 40ml 

Promotional Price @ RM9.38/each
  • Dove Shampoo Straight & Silky 175ml
  • Dove Shampoo Daily Shine 175ml
  • Dove Shampoo Dandruff Care 175ml
  • Dove Shampoo Intense Repair 175ml
  • Dove Shampoo Hair Fall Rescue 175ml 
  • Dove Nourishing Shampoo Oil Care 175ml 
  • Dove Conditioner Hair Fall 180ml
  • Dove Conditioner Oil Care 180ml
  • Dove Conditioner Intense Repair 180ml
  • Dove Conditioner Straight & Silky 180ml
  • Dove Conditioner Daily Shine 180ml

Promotional Price @ RM9.88/each
  • Dove All Day Repair Cream Intense Repair 120ml
  • Dove Leave On Strain Silk 120ml
  • Dove Leave On Overnight 120ml 

Promotional Price @ RM12.88/each
  • Dove Shampoo Intense Repair 375ml
  • Dove Shampoo Hair Fall 375ml 
  • Dove Shampoo Straight Silky 375ml
  • Dove Shampoo Daily Shine 375ml
  • Dove Shampoo Oil Care 375ml 
  • Dove Shampoo Dandruff Care 375ml
  • Dove Treatment Conditioner Intense 180ml
  • Dove Treatment Conditioner Oil Care 180ml
  • Dove Deodorant Spray Invisible Dry Marks 169ml
  • Dove Deodorant Spray Original 169ml

Promotional Price @ RM17.88/each
  • Dove Shower Go Fresh Energize 1000ml
  • Dove Shower Go Fresh Sensitive Skin 1000ml
  • Dove Shower Go Fresh Fresh Touch 1000ml
  • Dove Shower Go Fresh Revive 1000ml
  • Dove Bodywash Gentle Exfoliating 1000ml
  • Dove Bodywash Beauty Nourishing 1000ml

Usual Price @ RM18.88
  • Dove Treatment Hair Fall Rescue 200ml 
  • Dove Hair Therapy Treatment Intensive Repair 200ml

Usual Price @ RM19.90
  • Dove Serum Anti-Hair Fall 40ml
  • Dove Serum Hair Oil Care 40ml

Promotional Price @ RM28.88
  • Dove Intensive Hair Tonic 7ml 7s

For more products available at Guardian, click here to head to their online store. 
Get yours now at selected Guardian stores & Guardian Online store today before someone else grabs them all. Don’t forget to check out for more FREEBIES from Guardian here.

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