Deals: Top 10 Must Have Kitchen Products


There are a select few products that all food/kitchen people must have. These are the products everyone needs, not just the foodie/top chef/food network fanatics!

Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender

For most people, it’s a no brainer that they need a good blender. For others, it might not be so obvious. Blenders are the best all in one tool for any kitchen. You can get away with not having lots of products if you have a good blender.

Ninja – BL771 3-Speed 1500 Watt Stand Blender – $189.00, Free shipping – Available at

(8 reviews)

Crock Pot, Slow Cooker

Sunbeam Crock Pot

Honestly, you are not going to find much differences among crock pots. Just make sure to get at least a 6 quart crock pot and you are good to go for all the slow cooked meals you always wanted to make.

Sunbeam – Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS 6-1/2 Quart Programmable Touch Screen Slow Cooker – $59.96, 12.22 shipping – Available at QVC

Hamilton Beach Broiler Toaster Oven

Hamilton Broiler Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are a must have for the single ladies (or men) because they are the BEST at small meals in a flash.

Hamilton Beach – 4-Slice White Broiler Toaster Oven – $30.93, 8.95 shipping – Available at Air & Water, Inc.

(8 reviews)

T-Fal, Sandwich Waffle Maker

Sandwich Waffle Maker

If you’re going to get a waffle maker, you might as well get one that can make a grill cheese at the same time! This is a breakfast and lunch maker all in one.


T-Fal – EZ Clean Sandwich Waffle Maker – $37.50, See Site shipping – Available at

(1 reviews)

Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone

Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone

Baking stones are the best for baking (duh!). They make anything from cookies, to protein bars, to biscuits, to pizza. They are designed especially to not taste BURNT like so many other pans.


American Metalcraft – STONE14 Rectangular Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone 14″x15″ – $8.68, See Site shipping – Available at Katom

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Some people will tell you that you have to have a stand mixer. Some people are idiots. This hand mixer is perfectly serviceable for any mixing that needs to be going on in your kitchen.


Cuisinart – HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer Individual Pieces Cookware – White – $35.99 (28% off), Free shipping – Available at

(14 reviews)

8 Piece Measuring Cups

8 Piece Measuring Cups

Every kitchen needs some measuring spoons/cups. Plus, these are so cute and fun!


Robinson Apparel – Squish 8 Piece Measuring Cups – $14.98, Free shipping – Available at

Good Grips Nylon Balloon Whisk

Nylon Balloon Whisk

Why do I need a whisk if I have a hand blender? Because whisking with a hand whisk is just easier sometimes. Make sure to have one on hand.


OXO – Good Grips Nylon Balloon Whisk – $6.99 (43% off), Free shipping – Available at

Pro Food & Drink Mixer

Prep Pro Food & Drink Mixer

I’m going to put “food processor” under things that are really nice to have on hand. If you have a blender and a hand mixer, this is not absolutely necessary though.


Euro-Pro – Ninja QB1004 Master Prep Pro Food & Drink Mixer, Black – $53.99, Free shipping – Available at

(86 reviews)

Touch Griddle


Do you really like pancakes? bacon? um, more bacon? These are the best for all breakfast foods and some other things as well.


Presto – Electric Cool-Touch Griddle – Black 07030 – $24.49 (34% off), Free shipping – Available at

(3 reviews)

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