Deals: The Complete iOS 7 Course – FREE

Are you thirsty for knowledge or perhaps you’re interested to learn iOS 7 but you have no knowledge where to get a proper learning place? Bitfountain is offering its US$499 worth of iOS 7 course for FREE and it comes with over 350+ videos step-by-step process of building 14 different applications in iOS 7, and XCode 5. The course includes:

  • Objective-C: Learn the language used to develop all native iOS and Mac apps
  • Parse: A revolutionary new tool that allows iOS developers to create a server side in Objective-C
  • iOS7 and XCode 5: Learn the latest technology platforms from Apple
  • API Integration: Connect with third party APIs like Facebook, Foursquare and more
  • Storyboard: Learn how to create beautiful interfaces using Apple’s graphical interface builder
  • Core Data: Store data on your device with the core data database
  • Git: Learn how to us Git for version control and collaboration
  • Mixpanel: Integrate analytics into your apps
There are currently 14,789 students taking this course at the moment (and the number still grows as long as this free offer still valid). It’s pretty arbitrate to see online course to give a free course. Yes. Free knowledge is always appreciated. Learning never harm you, anyway.
*Klik sana tu, bukan klik tempat lain.*

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