Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Dayve’s Tips: How To Make Money From Your Youtube with

Wondering how you can earn extra income from just making video on Youtube? Whatever product review you do; gadgets, beauty & makeup, fashion, or others, have hundreds of top brands that can help you boost your income! is an online platform that allows users with a social media presence on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to earn extra money by reviewing consumer products. It was launched in January 2020 and is operating in 7 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and India, with plans to expand in the future. is created to help people generate extra income by reviewing consumer products and share it on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Influencer marketing has becoming a lucrative and glamorous job that only top celebrities with millions of followers are fortunate enough to land exclusive deals and sponsorships. But, nowadays everyone can become a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) meaning that you do not have to have millions of followers to earn money as brands around the world are increasingly open to work with tier-2 & tier-3 KOLs. You only need to create creative content and deliver new customers and generate sales for those brands and advertisers. has a very simply concept of generating money. In order to participate and earn, users need to create a simple and short (video) post in which they unbox or review a consumer product. is working with hundreds of global brands and marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee or Indonesia’s ecommerce powerhouse Tokopedia. Once the (video) post is ready, users create a personalized link ( productlink ) which is placed inside their post. Everytime someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the influencer will earn a commission. is the easiest way to monetise your social media traffic and views. They have all the powerful features under the hood that can help you maximise your earnings. is a new platform for you to earn money with YouTube based product reviews from a wide range of brands/categories. Just submit your placement video. Grab your and embed it into your YouTube video. can lead your visitors to a landing page with several product offers that you customise for your audience. It can route your visitors to different online shops, based on their language, device, country or even time of clicks to increase the user experience and help you earn the highest commission. Many top brands and marketplaces such as Shopee or Lazada offer special commissions for creators, influencers and YouTubers like you!

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p.s. Be sure to upload at least 1 video post a month or generate at fleast 100 clicks within 30 days.

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