Dayve’s Thougts: The Novel Coronavirus

I have been following the news about this pandemic Coronavirus, and this has been one of the biggest tests on how well-prepared a system in responding such crisis. I find it is rather interesting to listen some of the opinions from the experts as I observed the situation where where people bought things because they were influenced by speculation which only made things worse – this panic-buying does not help the country but only making the situation even worse; disturbing the supply chain which in turn contribute to the price-hike and the Government’s intervention.

The novel Coronavirus produces a big whipsaw which have high impact on human and economic costs. The virus itself is going to test the leaders on how well and fast they can make executive decisions, the capability of health system on responding the event, and the attitude of a population – whether they can follow the orders (or just ignore everything). Those who work in the front-line will be the the first group to experience high-level of stress as they have to work more than their usual working hours, not enough of rest, and the need to deal with the attitude of some people. The virus itself pushes the Government to impose lockdown in order to control the situation from getting worse. The economic impact can be severe as more businesses have to ‘on hiatus’ for a period of unknown time.

I recently read an article that the slower spread of the illness in emerging markets can be contributed to less testing and less travel activity. However, the speed of transmission might accelerate quite easy. As emerging markets depend heavily on outside demand, there will be difficulties as more cancelled orders. The virus itself has the power to devastate the labour market, making more people to lose their source of income as more businesses tend to reduce the cost by reducing the costs. Arising issues such as unemployment, inflation, price-hike, debts, and ineffective policies will decorate front page of the news or become the main topic in any financial and economics discussions. The wealth gap and political conflicts will surely lead to possible policy changes.

As I read through some comments posted on Facebook. It’s quite saddened as some who lost their only source of income might have to use their last resort of asking around the neighbourhood for a cup of rice. Some families have to eat rice mixed with salt and water in order to survive. As I scroll down to read more posts and re-posts on Facebook, I stumbled upon an article that some disgraceful people who only thought themselves. Better not to include them in this post, just a waste of time.

There are lots of things in my mind right now but whatever the situation may be, the most important thing that we need is to take care of ourselves and our family. We have to be well-prepared for the unexpected situation. Let’s hope this too shall pass. We can do it. Kita Jaga Kita. Stay At Home. Stay Safe.

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