Dayve’s Thoughts: Poverty is Not a Choice, but a Reflection of Society

The poverty can have boundless definition and most of the times, countries with high populations owing to high birth rates face more cases of poverty. Poverty is a state of inadequate resources and low living standards which cannot cater the basic human requirements. It happens throughout the world, even to the most developed and richest country in the world. Poverty is neither inherited nor choice.

Poverty stem from various factors such as geographical location, education levels, and generational poverty. Apart from that, issue such as unequal distribution of resources such as access to education, healthcare, and employment have been part of the poverty. Besides, poorly organised government can lead to increased poverty in a country as distribution does not reach to those who are in need. Poverty is a growing issue that impacts the countries and population.

One cannot quickly blame that laziness has been one of the causes of poverty. The social problem is poverty and most of the times, society tend to place the blame solely on the individual. Oftentimes, the poor are stigmatised with undesirable stereotype which reduce their own value as individual. These poor people are associated with crime and other unlawful activities. A poverty is the state of being poor and it can affect in many ways such as parental and domestic abuse, drug abuse, health, and corruption. In fact, the poverty can be a negative influence to individual’s psychological and physical health.

Depending on the Government financially may not be sufficient to deal with this poverty issue. There is a need for every one of us to work together to find solution, to help eradicate poverty – or at least, to help them grow and build a positive attitude. One should never point finger to this group of people because they do not live to be poor (and they never wanted to become one), and sometimes they are the ‘output’ from the lack of our social sensitivity.

I believe that it is considered to be morally acceptable for those who are wealthy (including private businesses) to help those who are in need and lessen the suffering of others through spending time in charity (or shall we address it as Corporate Social Responsibility). If we only blame the system because of political reasons, then we will forever trapped in this concept of poverty.

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