Dayve’s Thoughts: Is Blogging Dead?


I have always been asked with questions of whether the blogging is dead or blogging is dying. My answer to this question is a YES and a NO.

Yes. Blogging is dead when it is something that you shared is more to personal activities – Where did you go last week? What did you have this morning? People are no longer interested to read you personal routine on the blog as social media has built its platform to allow micro-blogging where snippets of those real personal lifestyle can be easily shared and followed by people. For instance, people are more interested to post what they ate on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. If you are planning to blog on your personal lifestyle, then, my advice is not to waste your time on writing a 500-word post on blog, they are no longer blog-worthy. You personal lifestyle is only fit on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.


However, blogging is still relevant and you can still earn lots of money when you blog resourceful. You need to be a resource for certain niche of people, demographics, markets because people are still looking for information on the Internet. For instance, you write about your personal experience on certain products or services. As long as people think your blog is resourceful, they will follow you and make your blog grows. If you are looking for powerful blogging to make money, you might want to check out this BlogHatter which has helped people making money by blogging.

Blogging is relevant in this era, and you just have to see yourself as resourceful. You need to be consistent to post topics for your niche, and make sure that your blog is made available in Google search engine. If you are new to blogging, my advice is to do some researches.

I hope this post is going to be useful for you. Do leave your comments below. I would love to hear what do you think about blogging after all.

Have a stunning day ahead!

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