Dayve’s Thoughts: Do We Really Need ‘Cancel Culture’ In Our Society?

Dayve's Thoughts: Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture is no longer a novel phenomenon as it is more to a form of banishment which encourages ‘canceling’ people, politicians, brands, shows, or movies due to what some consider to be offensive or problematic remarks or ideologies. It exists throughout human history and perceived as social norms for centuries.

Twitter has been one of the popular platform that actively encourages people to be under surveillance, and these users posses FBI-like investigative skills. These skills are now being utilised as part of the elements in Cancel Culture. In fact, we can actually see how these people expose others to the extend of backlashing comments or posts that they consider to be problematic.

Cancel Culture is not exclusive to public figures because companies and brands are also receiving the similar negative symptom from Cancel Culture. It is easy to figure out, for instance, your toothpaste, from Darkie to Darlie. This can be costly, and sometimes rebranding is required.

Has Cancel Culture gone too far? In my opinion, yes and no. In fact, Cancel Culture can be toxic because we are quick to judge and ‘cancel’, we hold grudge and not so quick to forgive or believe that people need to be given a chance to learn from mistakes. It can make our voice is muted. This makes we automatically lose all of our majority.

Although Cancel Culture may either shut up, disappear, or ‘kill’ oneself, we still have people who have emotional intelligence. They have the understanding of how one is going through. We are a bunch of complicated human beings because we tend to make our own assumptions, theories, points, and judgements.

Cancel Culture is supposed to have silence effect to people who abuse those who are sidelined due to toxic workplaces, racism, discrimination, sexism, and bullies. We ‘cancel’ those who dehumanising others, make them realise that we have feelings, and will never let such oppression.

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